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2 April 2009

You and Me: Our Origins (April Challenge 1)

Yes, I'm doing the April Poem-a-Day Poetry Challenge again, at Poetic Asides - among hundreds of others doing it this year! (Over 700 at last count.) Today's prompt is "origin".

(to Andrew)

It began when you came and walked on my land.
Later you said you vaguely remembered
a man with a dog. You’d spoken to him briefly.

That was my husband, my dog, my house.
We’d hired the place out for Jenette’s workshop.
He made himself scarce around the paddocks,
I was in town for Reiki training.

I got home just as the light was changing.
The workshop people had all gone.
Bill and I were already separate
though living under the same roof.
Suddenly I knew I had to get out.

Later I said it was your energy
in my space that galvanised me –
but then we had no idea of each other,
no inkling of a joined future.

Jenette’s next workshop brought us together.
Over dinner on our first date
we discovered so many friends in common,
so many tastes and passionate interests,
it almost became ridiculous.

And we recollected earlier meetings:
the spiritual group, the activist group.
But the time wasn’t right; we’d barely noticed.
I wonder, though, did our auras brush?

Hugging me close one night, you whispered.
Shocked, I knew I’d heard that voice
in meditation years before.

It began when you came and walked on my land,
this time. But as to the origin…


  1. ooh, that gave me a poem shiver. neat story.

    Amazing number of poems at PAD. Maybe Robert will need more judges for the task that just exponentially exploded. Probably by month's end there'll be 1/3 of what there is now.

  2. Thanks, Pearl! I wasn't sure of this one (first drafts, you know). It has already been slightly edited here from what appeared at Poetic Asides. And yes, a true story - and that ain't the half of it.

    Yes, isn't it astounding the number doing it this year! Impossible, alas, to read all every day. I'll keep up with yours at your blog.

  3. Aw shucks, you're not posting to your blog! OK, I'll try and find you amongst the 900+. (Yes you're probably right that some will fall off as the month continues.)

  4. half of what it was the day before. I just posted in the comments after yours for today. It takes me 3 or 4 kicks at the can with different poems before I find one that's ok. It's going to be another high productivity month.