I ... entered the poem of life, whose purpose is ... simply to witness the beauties of the world, to discover the many forms that love can take. (Barabara Blackman in 'Glass After Glass')

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19 April 2009

The Last Client of the Day (April Challenge 18)

Prompt: An interaction.

“No,” she says, “Nothing specific,
just whatever comes.” I offer the standard,
“OK, let’s look at different aspects of your life
over the next twelve months and go from there.”
She draws an extra card, thinks it’s accident
but I know better and leave it in the mix.
Queen of Swords, a woman on her own –
and, I tell her, “cutting through the crap”.

The other cards offer new beginnings.
Money will be fine, and there’s a strong hint
of a happy new love coming.
“Any more questions?” She says no.
I try my crystal ball, holding her hand
(because I’m more feeler than seer). Her dead
grandma and brother-in-law come through.
She identifies them from my description.

Yet it’s all inconclusive. I say so; she agrees.
“You’re putting up a wall,” I tell her,
“I know you don’t mean to, but
there’s a wariness covering hurt."
Suddenly she can’t stop the tears.
She tells me about the man she’s lost.
“I thought God might have thrown me a bone.
I deserve that; I’ve given so much.”

She feels defeated. She explains why.
Our time runs out that she paid me for
but I still sit holding her hand.
“I haven’t got any answer to that,”
I say as she argues her case for despair.
And I haven’t. Her logic is excellent.
She talks, I listen. She cries, we laugh.
I succeed in giving her a few tools.

And somewhere something shifts.
(Of course I’m beaming love
all the time from my wide open heart.)
We talk on until the market closes,
could have continued for hours.
I hug her goodbye (I never do that).
She smiles brilliantly. I yell after her:
“Don’t ask for a bone, demand a feast!”

Submitted 14 March 2014 for Poets United's Midweek Motif: Presience/Foresight.


  1. ooh. tingles.

    now *that* is a valuable story.

    after the sifting around from the "all I want" prompt. like Robert Pirsig's story of bringing it down to the detail of the brick to begin.

  2. love that last line btw. I should make it my formal mantra. :)

  3. Thank you! :)

    I like Robert Pirsig! And that's a good reminder.

  4. Lovely! Wonderful details. It really takes every card and the person's energy too. The Tarot readers I knew always gave way more than paid for, and your story shows an ultra special time. The last advice is brilliant with a Queen of swords.

    1. It was indeed an ultra-special time. Sometimes we receive more than the money we are paid! :)

  5. Right! we mostly ask for something with limits in our prayers....maybe we really need 'ask for feast' ....~ Thanks for sharing, Rosemary

  6. I don't know if it's a story but every word rings so much true....and the last line is classic Rosemary...

    1. It's a true story. I am a professional psychic medium working in Sunday markets

  7. This was brilliant! Loved the description, the conversation and esp the the last line! :)

  8. Yes the last line is one I will remember - I think it applies to many things..feeling is also perhaps more accurate and comforting than 'seeing'

    1. I think it just depends what we are given to use. I am a little clairvoyant too, and a little more clairaudient, but clairsentience is my greatest gift and therefore it is the one I use most.

  9. Beautiful story, I will also join the others in placing the last line in their hearts and minds.

  10. I am so glad everyone is taking that last admonition on board! *Big grin.*

  11. "Dont ask for a bone. Demand a feast!" Rosemary, I love you! I wish you could read my fortune and tell me if/when I will get to Tofino!!!!!