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to discover the many forms that love can take. (Barabara Blackman in 'Glass After Glass')

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12 April 2009

Everything Depends Upon ... (April Challenge 11)

Prompt: an object. There was reference to William Carlos Williams's "red wheelbarrow" poem, so I couldn't resist getting a bit clever with the title. (I was not alone there!) And yes, I do know it's not the exact quote.

Pretty old, but functional.
I like the screen big and square.

A sticker – purple – says
I’m a “Goddess in Training”.

(Andrew’s old one proclaimed him
“Angel with Attitude.”)

The wide frame also allows for:
Odin with crows and moon, top right;

a tree of papier maché
in the right-hand bottom corner

with the word POET writ large,
a gift from lovely Bob Mud;

instructions on how to do
hyperlinks; a brief prayer;

bank details for online
(purposely left incomplete);

and advice from Chaim Potok,
the angels and Merlin.

Plus two feathers, one blue
and one purple, taped top left.

It sits on a round stand
that swivels. Also it tilts.

The screen’s most often covered
by open windows and tabs.

Behind them are images
full of colour, changing often:

dragons, spiders, a dog I knew,
a robed shaman, a heart-shaped rose….

It’s a Mac, ya know? Not just
a machine, a love object!


  1. gee, and mine just has crumbs and food smears. :)

    I don't have time to blog today but the prompt response I did put up today at #12, one of the first ones in.

  2. Ta. I like it much, specially last verse.

  3. oh - a typo somewhere - your haiku on friday sidebar link gets 404.

  4. Thanks! Fixed now. Glad you found your way there anyhow.