I ... entered the poem of life, whose purpose is ... simply to witness the beauties of the world, to discover the many forms that love can take. (Barabara Blackman in 'Glass After Glass')

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9 July 2016

Which Famous Writer Are You? (Facebook Quiz)

I wanted songs around the campfire,
and a pet raven.
I decided to walk in the woods.
I chose to become a dragon.

For this, I get Stephen King!
Loved by millions but not by me.
I can be, I am told, a master of horror.
Recalling childhood nightmares, I shudder.

If I had an attraction to horror,
I'd watch the news on TV
or see what was trending on twitter.
No need to write my own.

I suppose it's because I selected
for my favourite holiday, Halloween.
(There wasn't a box labelled Samhain, 
my real choice – not quite the same.)

I pick up my staff and call to my raven.
I'm off for a ramble among the trees.
I'll practise my songs for the campfire,
and turn into Ursula Le Guin.

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  1. Every stanza makes me smile ... thank you :)

  2. wwo!! if we can bewhat we wish!!

  3. and turn into Ursula Le Guin.

    Writing on fantasies and science fiction like Le Guin one must be tops in imagery and narration. And you have it! Go for it Rosemary!


    1. That's a very great compliment. Thank you, Hank.

  4. Love this! Though I am a BIG SK fan and he's way beyond simple horror... but I won't try to convince you. :) I would like to channel my inner LeGuin myself.

  5. It was a pleasure reading this, Rosemary...I had to smile at the verse about Stephen King--I'm a 'ph' too!

  6. I have never read Steven King, but if I ever did it would not be for the horrors... me I prefer something more down-to-earth... though I have not decided on favorite author... Maybe Murakami...

  7. I love reading or hearing about what others read...how delicious and different their literary experiences are from my own. I would choose to walk by the sea under the starry moon -- perhaps a turn with LeGuinn would suit me as well. But I vividly remember seeing copies of Pet Sematary on my Dad's shelf as a child, and still can't bring myself to crack open any of his spines. I do, however, love a good turn as a witch on Hallow's Eve. :-)

  8. I am absorbed by your Verse Two. I once bought a copy of a Stephen King novel and couldn't get even to a quarter of it; to scary for me, Then a friend of mine dropped in and in conversation i mentioned my purchase. She exclaimed said she luved his books and asked for it, so i gave it to her

    much love...

  9. I'm not a fan of Steven King either, strangely, but I do like his work adapted for movies.

  10. This one caught my fancy, Rosemary. I haven't read any Steven King either, like rutabaga, I don't like it but I have tried either. I would like to be like Poe but I'm not intelligent and witty enough to ever match him. If I could write really good that would be enough for me.
    But I have fun and enjoy mingling on-line. I have another journal like blog and a fun blog that I have pretty well abandoned. Plus I do Facebook.

  11. I LOVE this! Just love it! Makes me smile, as I embarked on my memoir yesterday. Did fine on the introductory page. But when it came time to Begin, I felt this huge spiritual yawn - it might turn into a short story? LOL. Maybe living it was enough.

  12. ..,the news indeed rivals Stephen King

  13. Yes, enough horror in the news. There are degrees of darkness, nice we get to choose our muse.

  14. Halloween is my favorite holiday too! I love to dress up and become someone else for a night.