I ... entered the poem of life, whose purpose is ... simply to witness the beauties of the world, to discover the many forms that love can take. (Barabara Blackman in 'Glass After Glass')

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22 March 2013

I am the cat ...

I am the cat
with silent eyes

I mark the fall of the leaf
and the grasses glistening

I listen to life
and death.

Life grieves
death leaps

and both together breathe.

I sleep in the warm
I am tied to the loves of my house.

But sometimes
I come untied.

Wild in hail or rain
electric to thunder
voluptuous for sun

I am chameleon

old wise woman
the witch

and then
the child on your lap

I am a universe.

First published Luna, 1981
Also in Universe Cat, Pariah Press (Melb.) 1985
and SecretLeopard, Alyscamps Pres (Paris) 2005)

Resurrected for submission to dVerse Meeting the Bar: Negative Capability


  1. ha....nice...i like the cat that is all...the universe....that comes alive in the storm...and marks the fall of each leaf....cool response rosemary

  2. I had thought about my own furry friend when I read the prompt at dVerse but went another route. I like this alot.

  3. Yes, from wise woman to child on lap and everything in-between... such is the life of a cat.

  4. ha nice...a cat can be a whole universe for sure...smiles...so many shades of personality.... lovely

  5. Cat's are so independent, so fickle, so ... well you get the idea. They also seem to know instantly when they meet a person who doesn't like cats, then make a bee-line for their victim. After a while, you learn to like cats :-)

  6. Fantastic -- I am not a cat person at all, but you made me one for a brief read. Thanx.
    Most importantly, I appreciate poems that I don't HAVE to reread.

  7. They certainly believe that they are some form of diety.

  8. Well done - very accurate portrait of our feline friends. They do own us, don't they?

    Anna :o]

  9. Many thanks for your comments, fellow cat appreciators! (Including, briefly, Sabio, lol.)