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13 September 2009

As Needed

 30 Poems in 30 Days: Day 12
Write a Ritual Poem that takes a ritual (real or imagined) and brings a sense of meaning and reflection to the ritual it describes.... Turn the actions into steps or commands.

I decided to write about an actual ritual that I perform often.

1. Enter the temple
(Mine is a whole room of my house
but it might be one corner
or a space outdoors.)

2. Close the door
(I also hang a “Do Not Disturb”
sign on the outside knob.
You never know.)

3. Take up the wand/athame
(Good to hold and wield,
its crystal point a laser,
mine is both at once.)

4. Describe the circle
(Me, I combine Druidry,
High Magick and Wicca
to make a strong, clear light.)

5. Call in the Archangels
(Or nature spirits, or creatures,
according to your training
or purpose. It all depends.)

6. Perform the core of the ritual
(Make the gestures, say the words,
create the visuals, absorb
and move the energies.)

7. Close the ritual
(Give thanks for blessings received.
Farewell the Guardians.
Open the circle.)

8. Return to the world
(Put away the athame/wand.
Open the door, take down the sign.
Notice you feel better.)

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