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2 September 2009

A Couple of Found Poems

The Deer and the Labyrinth
Found Poem

Found in the LiveJournal of Seraphim Sigrist, 1st Sept 2009:

A deer ran
from under the trees
across a field
to the woods beyond.

I took some photos
which showed what I had not seen
somehow, a labyrinth...

the evening light on the grass
a cloud of brightness
on which the deer can seem
to float over the labyrinth.

Let that be our offering for today...

Found poem

Found in the LiveJournal of OzDragonLady, 4th Sept. 2009

It suddenly rained
After a day of sun.
The garden smelt green.

There was a flock of pelicans
Flying over the freeway

Wattle bushes in flower –
Traditional mimosa-balls.

The full moon was rising
Pale yellow and transparent
Through the pink and blue
Of the Belt of Venus.

My lawn is shaggy with weeds.

(I'm shifting these just slightly, chronologically, so the following "30 Poems in 30 Days" appear as an uninterrupted sequence.)

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