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2 May 2008

Wrapping It Up

April Challenge 30: A poem about ending.

It is Samhain, a night of endings
and new beginnings.

How appropriate! Here I am
at the ending of this sad
long struggle for understanding
between we two
who love so deeply and yet
cannot find peace or joy
in each other.

I look back.
When you were a small boy
beautiful and bright,
you patted younger babies
gently on the head, absorbed
in the wonder of them.

The teenager, rebellious,
yet was sweet and thoughtful,
walking with me hand in hand
to the shops and talking.
You don't remember that now.

Even the young man
was full of light, turned out
in his smart suits, laughing
for sheer, exuberant life.

But that was yesterday.

Now you don't like me,
nor I you. Now we are done,
can't even live and let live.

You give me the gift
of new beginnings.
I have shed the influence
of your loud beliefs and opinions
and rediscovered my own.
Wouldn't have done that
so well without you!

I give you release.
May you have the full experience
of this wonderful game called life
as I shall.

© Rosemary Nissen-Wade 2008


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