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1 May 2008

Bed With You

When you lie close to me, my dear,
on long, leisurely mornings,
no wonder I'm reluctant
to leave you alone in the bed.
I'd rather cuddle up,
stroke your thick, soft hair,
murmur in your half-attentive ear.

I love the way you stir a little,
stretch your lazy limbs,
then settle once again.
Your warm breath on my cheek
blows lightly, rhythmically.
I put an arm around you
gently, not to disturb.

You make a muffled noise
between a squeak and a grunt,
but your eyes remain closed;
you take a deeper breath.
Soon I must rise, I think.
Still I linger, smiling,
as you twitch your whiskers and purr.

April Challenge 29 (2008): Write a poem in the second person.
Submitted in 2013 (five years later!) to Poets United's Verse First ~ Body


  1. A very sweet poem, Rosemary!

  2. Rosemary,

    A most thoughful poem, which is both a great tribute to both the human body with all its foibles and of course, to your dear husband:)


    1. Thanks, Eileen - but the last line is not metaphorical; it was really one of my cats. However, you were meant to think otherwise until the last minute - my little joke.

  3. This is so adorable! Thank God for our fur companions!!!!!

  4. I loved how you got me at the end with that last line! Very sweet!

  5. The squeak and the grunt gave this away ~ Good one, liking that furry companion ~ Smiles ~

  6. So glad you all enjoyed being tricked - and understood the sensual pleasure anyway! :-D