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7 April 2016

This Terrible Era

“What a terrible era in which idiots govern the blind.” – William Shakespeare

You expect me to write a poem
about Donald Trump, I know –
that clown who, every time
he opens his mouth, exposes himself
as an idiot and worse, while those
who follow him surely look to be blind.

Some, on the other hand,
would think of Bernie Sanders
whose idealistic dreams
appear impossible, as well as impractical
to the hard-headed; and his adherents
likewise blind in their opponents' eyes.

Both, though, symbolise change.
Each – albeit at extremes –
speaks with the voice of the people.
Neither is the puppet of Big Money.
But I doubt if either can win. And so I'm glad
not to live in America in the coming era.

To my ears, Cruz makes Trump sound mild.
And I don't care how many vaginas Hilary has,
she's war-mongering and pro-fracking.
(Margaret Thatcher was a woman too,
but shame on any woman who supported her.)
Who are the real idiots? And who are the blind?

3rd poem for Magaly's 'Dark Poetry for the Cruellest Month'. 
(In which I am idiot enough to offend people of every political stripe in the USA.)


  1. Well, I applaud you, brave soul, for you speak many of my own sentiments. In Canada, we are actually terrified at the possibilities down south, for it impacts us as well. I can hardly believe what I see on the news these days, and I have lived long and seen plenty. Loved your poem.

    1. Sadly, it impacts the whole world, theUSA having the position it does.

  2. Ha. Well I am strongly pro-Hillary and don't think she is pro-fracking of war mongering! I do think she has been smeared a fair amount and also on the political scene for a long time. And I kind of think trump does speak for big money in that his interests are aligned with money. But I would admit to knowing very little re Australian politics! So, can't comment there. K.

    1. I am writing on phone so sorry re typos. I meant "or". K.

    2. Here's a cute video-- don't feel obligated to watch and please go ahead and delete comments as I don't wish to be offensive at all. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=w0vT2TOMhVI

    3. I think, if I am writing and posting a potentially divisive poem, I can't complain too much about any politely worded comments I receive in reply. Anway, you are not offending me.

      We probably get more media coverage of US politics than you do of Australian. I base my opinion of Hilary on her time as Secretary of State as much as anything. I will watch the video.

    4. Oh, and – yes, Trump is very probably aligned with monetary interests, but I don't think he's anyone's puppet. I could apply other derogatory labels but not that one.

    5. The video is more fun than informative. I think she was a good Secretary of State--that said, I think it must be recognized that as Secretary of State she is serving an administration--meaning that whatever you thought of the administration's policies, it is not absolutely right to put them at her personal door. (I actually love Obama too. But I just want to make that point--in the same way that all kinds of things from her husband's administration are put at her door--his omnibus crime bill, for example, which Sanders voted for, is attributed to her though she was first lady at the time.) (Though honestly the way the bill was carried out was not exactly foreseen.) But the point is that I think she has been targeted for a very long time, and some of the negatives are of course fair but there is a huge amount that I think at least is not fair at all. I also think people don't like her style or are somehow mad that they don't think her husband was punished enough, or are mad that their charitable foundation has a lot of funding--I kind of think there are worse things than setting up and funding a charitable foundation--k.

    6. ps - Trump is a puppet to his laziness, his ignorance and his prejudice and his unthinking month. He knows very little in the area of actual fact and one of the frightening things is that he does not appear interested enough or disciplined enough to take the time to learn facts. He completely shoots from the hip, but knows incredibly little about history or the present--I'm sure you have seen a lot of coverage of him over there, but probably not so much analysis--

    7. Yeah, the video's good, and I agree about the charitable foundation. I admired her for a long time, and I'd sure like to be proven wrong in my current disillusioned opinion. I'd describe Trump as a loose cannon myself, but either way he makes me shudder.

  3. Such a fiery and passionate write..!!

  4. About Trump: Terrifying. I'm glad he has zero chance of winning!

    Sarah Allen

  5. Straight to the point. I admire your passionate!

  6. LOL, perhaps, but you were honest, which is commendable.

  7. Some of this makes me want to pack a bag and move somewhere else... Extremes are just so damaging... and change (in some cases) can be devastating... I'm hoping for better choices. And for a lot of luck. We'll need it.

  8. I agree with you 100% about Cruz making Trump sound mild. Trump is just an opportunist. Cruz is a true believer, and he believes some truly scary things.

  9. Wonderful rant! Good points made all around!

  10. You had my vote at "deeply offensive" lol Wonderfully wordcafted rants speak more truth than most would like to hear :D XXX