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22 April 2016

Mother Earth Farewells Her Human Children

I made you soft grasses
and sand for your feet.
I made you great waters,
the salt and the sweet.

I made you the skies
in which you see
the stars and the clouds,
the birds flying free.

I made you forests
with trees thick and green;
the valleys, the mountains,
the hills in between.

You wanted them different,
these gifts that I gave.
You changed them too much,
past what you can save.

So farewell to you, children;
I cut you from my heart.
I have others to cherish.
You must now depart.

For Earth Day, Magaly in On Her Day, Gaia Wails at 'Dark Poetry for the Cruellest Month' requests a poem from the Mother's point of view; while Gillena in Fashion Me Your Words at 'imaginary garden with real toads' asks for something with a dance rhythm, aimed at environmental protection, in no more than 100 words including title. 

Photo: Jet Stream by NASA 29 April 1991, Copyright free


  1. Tough love from this distraught mother...can't blame her one bit XXX

  2. The last verse is do sad Rosemary. Luv the rhyme its catchy and yes you made me feel like dancing. Thanks for your response

    Much love...

  3. When a mother must cut loose the strings and just let the children be what they want to be... Mother Earth knows... So lovely, so lyrical and so sad...

  4. This is absolutely gorgeous... sigh.. the closing lines left me speechless..!

  5. Sad. I only hope humanity will learn before it is too late.

  6. I'm devastated... maybe it's not yet too late to save ourselves from ourselves.

  7. I agree. Your closing stanza has such an air of finality. It's a powerful write, Rosemary and especially effective to close with the image of earth. ♥

  8. Poignant and beautifully done.

  9. Mothers grow weary, when their children are so willful. Brilliant write, Rosemary. I wish I'd written this, smiles.

  10. Oh, Rosemary, this is an incantation anointed with tears heart's blood. So much pain... But she must do what she must. ♥

  11. True that! All this beauty and abundance we abuse, no wonder she wails. Poignant piece, Rosemary!

  12. This is the perfect P.O.V. as the voice of our mother planet speaks.

  13. I love the rythum of this poem. Mother Earth is right to cut us loose, hopefully we will survive,,

  14. Gah. Heartbreaking. And so well done.

  15. Wonderful Earth Day poem Rosemary! She should be angry we are not good children!

  16. Tough love, indeed! We are such ungrateful wretches. Loved your rhyme and cadence!