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25 April 2016

The True Tale of the Little Mermaid

I'll tell you, both Hans and Walt got it wrong.
Well I've never actually seen the Disney movie,
though I've been told about it often enough.
But I did read the Andersen story long ago.
All very romantic, not to mention a nice dash 
of horror – the walking on knives and all that,
and even worse, cutting my tongue out. As if!

I soon refrained from speaking, that's true. You learn
pretty quick. I mean, he was a Prince, used to
having his own way or else. No wonder I walked
tippy-toe, on eggshells, treading so gingerly. No
wonder I kept my mouth shut, avoided expressing
any actual opinions. Yes, they did try to warn me,
the family back home; but I was fifteen, you know?

Luckily for me – although at the time I didn't think so –
he never did marry me; it was all talk. I can't believe
I fell for it! But, like I said, too young to know better.
Anyway, they finally found him a real live princess.
She wasn't a local of course, and she probably thought
she could control him. Maybe she could; I don't care. 
I'm happy here now, on bluest ocean, floating light as foam.

Little Mermaid Statue
Photo by: Celesteh Creative Commons

Written for Beyond the Ever After at 'Dark Poetry for the Cruellest Month'
Also linking to The Tuesday Platform this week at 'imaginary garden with real toads'

There are several online comparisons of the Andersen and Disney versions of the tale. I like the one at Movie Pilot.


  1. Good for her, princes can sometimes turn into frogs:-). Lovely take Rosemary!

  2. I have to say... I never thought of her silence in these terms, but makes total sense :D XXX

  3. I love this memoir! I'm so glad she wasn't the silly thing described in the fairy tale--tongue nipping and feet cutting aren't any fun. May she float through the oceans of tale and imagination always happy, happy, happy. ♥

  4. Oh yes, all that glitters is certainly not gold and sometimes a prince isn't as charming as he poses to be. Love the fact that she's moved on and afloat in oceans blue :D Beautifully penned.

    Lots of love,

  5. Oh I love this, I chose Ariel as well. Perfect image to go with your poetry.

  6. Love this! I can't imagine ever not wanting to be a mermaid, that's for sure!

  7. LOL, oh gods, weren't we all such silly things at 15! Thank goodness we grow out of it. :D

  8. Brilliant work. This is my favorite so far, I love that she came to her senses at last.

  9. This is so good.. the different views... especially brilliant is the princess not having to speak.. I grew up with the Andersen version, and so different from the Disney version it was almost like separate tales... Love the way you interpreted the foam at the end... so much better than Hans Christian.

  10. Not local, of course. Love it.

  11. The Little Mermaid remains one of the saddest stories I've ever read. A cautionary tale for any romantic young girl.

  12. She certainly lucked out. There's nothing like a naive young girl's heart. Some wishes are better off not being granted.

  13. I am so glad she returned to her senses and the sea! Nice switch!