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14 April 2012

Friday 13

I woke up
with a raging head cold.

Both cats
vomited their breakfast.

had terrible leg pains.

I hauled him off to the doctor.
By then, I was so dosed up
I managed not to sneeze
all over the waiting-room.

We both forgot to report
the shoulder pain he’s also had
for days, unresponsive
to anything we’ve tried so far.

But anyway, the doc prescribed
new medication, as a trial,
for the agonised nerves in his legs:
a quarter the usual dose
(i.e. half a tablet) to start,
at night. Come back in a week
and we’ll see if we up it.

At bedtime I opened the box.
Uh-oh, capsules. Instruction
on box: take half; on
manufacturer’s leaflet: do not
cut open the capsule
and use just the contents. So —
no medication for him this night.

We watched TV, a show I like.
He pronounced it corny.

I had a poem to write,
working in my head; stayed up
to get it written. He
interrupted, repeatedly, to insist
I ought to be in bed. I at length
erupted. (I wonder,
can the neighbours
hear me screech?)

We didn’t get much sleep.

I‘d like to be able to blame
Friday 13.

April PAD Challenge #13: Unlucky

Also submitted for Poets United's Poetry Pantry #97


  1. Go ahead and blame it. Some days are just like that. Horrible to not have the proper medication when he was in so much pain. Hope you are both feeling better soon!And good for you for keeping up the writing, in spite of everything! Our time is shorter now, we have to make it count!

  2. Thanks, Sherry. We did get it all sorted out the next day, and he is gradually improving. Fine to take half a capsule for the legs, after all. He has just had a shoulder x-ray; it's bursitis, and he will get an injection for it later in the week. Cats seem OK, and I have just about shaken off the cold already. :)

  3. whatever beast of burden that will bear the blame will do at least until morning light comes.

    hope the shoulder aches have slipped away again.

    funny this blog types what I type but after a lag.

    I seee, the improvement is undersway when I see the comment overhead..

  4. Hmm, I don't know why that time lag with your typing. It doesn't apply this end.

    It certainly was a cow of a day! And the improvement will take time in hubby's case, but at least things are under way.