I ... entered the poem of life, whose purpose is ... simply to witness the beauties of the world, to discover the many forms that love can take. (Barabara Blackman in 'Glass After Glass')

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25 April 2012

The Trouble with Love

The trouble with love
is just what your mother always told you:
it will end in tears.
The more love, the more weeping.

The trouble with love is
you do it anyway;
it gets you,
in spite of all the warnings.

You wake up one morning and notice:
Oh! Yes! The world
is a place of happiness now;
it has a shine.

The world, you notice, 
is focused around
the presence of that one person ...
that one radiance making the whole world glow.

You wake and it’s
immediate: you open your eyes to light,
a rich enhancement of daylight. You open 
to immediate delight.

Oh, love!  The long daylight hours
of its duration
are changeable with the time and weather.
Then comes night.

Sleep tight, little lovers.
Descend not into nightmares.
The day is over.
Say your prayers, and hope to survive.

The trouble with love is
it ends.  We all know this. 
After a moment it ends, or after a lifetime. 
It ends. We are left weeping.

Goodbye, my dear love.
I see you are going
leaving me richer by far, and weeping
after such influx of light.

April PAD Challenge #24: Love poem, Anti-love poem, or one of each. (This April, for these ‘Two for Tuesday’ double prompts, I have been trying to combine both into one poem.)

Also submitted for dVerse Open Link Night #41.


  1. love is as fragile as anything in our lives...when you have it is is intoxicating and wonderful, and when it leaves, it leaves only hollow echoes...

  2. Rosemary, I hear you. Love always ends somehow, either through the end of a relationship or the death of one of those who loves. I never thought about it quite this way, Rosemary, but yes....to love always will bring tears. Even if one loves a pet, eventually tears. But is the love worth it? For human or animal? A resounding yes.


    1. Thank you, Mary. That is indeed what I hoped to imply.

    2. PS I nearly said, 'that one being' instead of 'that one person', so as to include pet animals! But I decided, animals are people too. :)

  3. The trouble with love is that when it ends our hearts break but it is worth the pain....

  4. I completely understand your your thesis - that love always ends in tears, even if those tears come after a lifetime... But, ah! If one believed in reincarnation, in past lives (wink, wink) then it would be possible for a love to outlast even that single lifetime, and be renewed forever into eternity. Perhaps it will not be 'good-bye' but 'au revoir'.

    1. Yes, Sam — but one can miss someone terribly if they go away for a long holiday or business trip, or migrate to another country...

  5. Even when a couple love until death, there is one left behind, and those are special tears indeed. And before finding that someone (I was lucky), there are a dozen or more little dramas, melodramas... and tears. Beautifully stated, Rosemary. Favorite line: "Sleep tight, little lovers." Endearing words. Peace, Amy

  6. The problem with love is that we always want it..whether it will end well or not, at least onece in our lives, we want to experience it.

    If ever we weep, lets hope we have learned well from it.


  7. Beautiful. This is Manicddaily (also who liked it). Blogger likes to use an old blog (never used by me) called Outlawyer.

  8. ah yes..we know...and yet..we fall in love over and over again...just because it's wonderful...smiles

  9. Love is beautiful and painful but it is worth the risk...such a beautiful poem.