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28 January 2017

Good Company

The great god Thoth
the Egyptian

patron of poets and giver
of written language

deity of the moon, 
magic and wisdom

record keeper, scribe,
and measurer of time

presides in statue form
over my desk and laptop.

He holds a tablet and pen
in the act of inscribing.

Next to him, in a goblet,
I keep an ibis feather.

(Ibis abound here.
I like that.)

Thoth was often portrayed as ibis-headed, as he is in my statue. The crescent-shaped beak symbolised his connection to the moon. (He would have used a stylus for inscribing his tablet, but I said 'pen' to make a bridge to the present.)

I'm linking this poem to Poets United's Poetry Pantry #338


  1. You bring him to life ... I guess in some ways it is mutual. Grin.

  2. I like the story of this statue! It is nice to have someone presiding over one's desk, I think.

  3. I love this, and especially love the feather! I have a bunch of assorted feathers, but not ibis..........

  4. What a fantastic thing to have on your desk!

  5. Loved the image casting the shadow behind, enjoyed reading too.

  6. We are certainly blessed with Ibis here in Australia I wonder if Thoth decided to come here rather than the US? (seeing where he came from).

  7. They sound like mighty fine desk companions..

  8. Beautifully done, Rosemary ❤️

  9. Sounds like you have all you need to write well!

  10. I enjoyed reading your wirte! I like that you know.

  11. The combination of the way he 'presides' over the desk and the shadows he throws add to create such a mystical, dignified mood here. I love it!

  12. Love this, the image of the statue is brought to live.

  13. The third and fourth couplets are my favorites. I really like this poem.

  14. No wonder you write so warmly and with so much heart. I enjoyed reading this and seeing the picture. So nice.

  15. What an interesting and edifying post. I too, have a few items, placed where I write, that speak to me - several Mats Jonasson crystal ice blocks (given to me as gifts over the years) depicting wildlife from Northern Ontario, amongst my favorites . . . little keepsakes that represent or evoke ~ something ~

  16. I have a purple dragon, a faded turtle, two elephants, a Matushka doll, and a photo of my mother playing her harmonica on her 90th birthday, on the shelves above my computer screen. You've given me several more ideas. Thank you,


  17. You are such an interesting character, Rosemary, but you know that! Hugs!