I ... entered the poem of life, whose purpose is ... simply to witness the beauties of the world, to discover the many forms that love can take. (Barabara Blackman in 'Glass After Glass')

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22 February 2015

Naming the Ineffable

'What's your favourite alternative name,'
asked my friend on facebook, 'for God?'
A  rabble of competing answers came:
'Pick me as the truest / funniest / cleverest word!'

I look at this photo of a yellow-tipped bird,
a kind we don't have where I live.
'Here is God,' I think, but have no name to give.

For 'Play It Again, Toads!' #14 at 'imaginary garden with real toads', where you can also find the bird photo I refer to. I took on the challenge of using Rhyme Royal.


  1. Yes, here is God. Lovely. We certainly did go in different directions with the picture!

  2. This is quite profound in its simplicity! Are these cool little birds? If you look closely, the brown fluffy feathers around the back of his neck looks to me like a little fur coat and the yellow is so bright - like gems. These are new to my feeder and I love their name.

    1. All your bird photos are very cool! I decided not to use the particular one here after all, as I think the poem's ending works better if it's left up to the imagination, at least in the immediate moment.

  3. Love it, Rosemary. I read, reread, thunk, and reread some more. Enter God into the picture only two thoughts persisted:
    (1) the disciples quarreling over who Jesus loved the most; and
    (2) about when you were a little girl how at your prayer time you likely, my vision, prayed for all the doggies, kittens, bunny rabbits, ad abundantiam ...

  4. I think this one is so true, and comes together on a metaphysic level. Whe know what God is in some sense, but a name is so much less.

  5. Great title and a train of thought well-expressed in verse.

  6. What an end!! so true..in the garb of simplicity you've expressed the deepest feeling.. ....

  7. How does one name the ineffable? With a yellow bird that is neither named nor here shown but surely rhymed! That's theology enough for me --

  8. I love the meaning of that word....I am awed by His Creations ~

  9. Very thought provoking! One needs to think hard to come to terms! Great lines Rosemary!


  10. This rings so true. Gorgeous work.

  11. I was wondering the end, and very little else needs to be said...simple truth!

  12. really moved by this beautiful poem - from the wonderful title to the final word - lovely

  13. I love where you took this poem. "'Here is God,' I think, but have no name to give."

  14. It's so easy to see the beauty of God's work all around us!

  15. in naming we narrow the definition...so i think i would have no name either...

    ha...ironically, my poem...american gods....and what makes him a saint...acknowledging that you dont know what makes him a saint is kinda the point...we elevate people to a level without really giving it much thought...for him, it could have been because he was bullied...or because he makes pretty dang good potatoes...ha..so really, that was the point...smiles.

  16. I think it is what we do. Like little gods we name and designate what we will hold sacred, so much we miss.

  17. that's a zen-like moment at the end

    i am not religious
    but this did hit my spiritual sense.

    very nice


  18. Well done, Rosemary!

  19. I love where you went with this one! We can find God everywhere in Nature if we just look!