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25 November 2013

I've Got Eyes in the Back of My Head

My Mum said that.
She meant we kids better not
do anything naughty
because she would see.

When I was little
I thought they were real,
those eyes, and I didn't
know how they stayed hidden.

Did the lids blend
perfectly with the skin behind
her hair, as if invisible?
How was it possible?

Why weren't they exposed?
Did she keep them closed
except when checking on us? 
It was most mysterious.

If they were really there,
under her hair,
didn't her hair spoil the view?
How did she look through?

I never solved these mysteries
but I still believe she could see us
doing what we didn't ought.
We always got caught!

Poetic Asides November Poem A Day Chapbook Challenge: day 24, response to a statement.

Also linking to dVerse Poetics, 1 March 2014, on invisibility. (Mum's extra eyes may have been invisible; our misdeeds were not!)


  1. ha. she may not have had eyes in the back of her head...but moms have a way of knowing things...mine sure seemed to always know when we did something...i always got caught as well...smiles.

  2. Ha..ha...yes those eyes that can see everything, yikes ~ Now that I am Mom, I think I can figure it out finally, smiles ~

  3. You've brought to the fore the 'mysteries' that baffled many when growing up. Yes, heard it mentioned as a warning or sternly as a reprimand! Wonderful write Rosemary!


  4. Ha, this made me smile. We must have had the same mom. My mom had eyes in the back of her head too. And, come to think of it, as a mother I developed those same eyes. I am sure you did too. Funny about that!

  5. Super charming, Rosemary--I had these kinds of views also. Very sweet and very well done. k.

  6. This is really good! How DID our moms keep those eyes hidden?

  7. I love this, Rosemary! My grandma told me she had magic glasses and that she could see me from Kelowna when I was home in Vancouver. I totally believed her! Love the child's wonderings about how the eyes stayed hidden:)

  8. Amusing to see that we have the same expression in French!

  9. Ha.. Yes mothers would always know.. I think it was not eyes though.. Great though Rosemary.. Wonderful

  10. smiles... yes... moms seem to have eyes everywhere... a mystery that will never be fully solved...smiles

  11. it is quite impressive how mothers do this. I admit I never pondered it as thoroughly as you, but you definitely brought up some interesting points.

  12. Ah parents and their invisible eyes!
    Anna :o]

  13. yes! i remember mom saying the same!! this brings back such old memories. thanks for this one :)

  14. Oh, those invisible eyes and ears, too. How in the world did she know everything when I thought I covered my tracks so well? ;-)

  15. Those eyes on the back of her head... the childish wonder is paramount in your words. A delightful read.

  16. ah, this fit the prompt nicely..your mom had the ability to see without really seeing..funny, this stayed with you through the years. Enjoyed this Rosemary.

  17. I had the same thoughts as you as a kid. How did she do that? ~

  18. *Chuckle.* So glad you all enjoyed and can relate! Yes, mothers 'just know'. And a good thing, too!

  19. Ah! this is such a lovely thought - makes me warm, beautifully done.

  20. He, he, he, love this play on the 'eyes in the back of her head'. I managed to evade them a lot of the time although my siblings weren't so lucky. :)