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23 April 2013

Complexities of Being Newly Single

It's been surprising but
I'm learning the new rules.

I'm asked to a party, mostly strangers.
I dress up, waltz in blithely —

to see the couples close ranks. 
must talk to other single women.

Their families seem relieved:
Oh good, Mum's taken care of.

(To some I'm a husband-stealer,
to others a harmless old duck.)

So how do I do it now?
With old friends, there's no issue.

Everything's as always,
except without my darling.

We miss him, but we still enjoy
each other's easy old companionship.

With the new, things can get tricky.
Warmth may be misconstrued.

I realise all my platonic mateships
formed in the context of me being married.

Not so with those I meet now. They
perceive me as free, perhaps available.

(No, that's not on the cards.
I'm still in mourning. Permanently.)


I'm staying away from parties 
unless I know the crowd.

I've put my wedding ring back 
on my wedding finger.

Poetic Asides April Poem A Day Challenge 2013, 22: complex


  1. It is interesting how single/couple status changes relationships. I can understand the wish not to change longstanding friendships.

    1. Indeed, longstanding friendships are not the problem. :)

    2. I have now altered the poem a little to make that clearer. Thanks for your input!

  2. I do understand this poem, Rosemary. I think the hardest thing is to find a new niche for oneself. And, ha, I have never been a party person...always have more enjoyed small gatherings where one can really TALK!

    1. Yes, luckily I'm not really a party animal either. :)