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30 November 2010

A request to my readers

Dear Readers

I only have two more Bali poems to write, or possibly three as we always get the option of two on Tuesday. Then December will be spent editing and revising, and choosing which ones to include in a chapbook of 10-20 pages to enter in the competition.

If any of you have the time and inclination, I'd love you to tell me which ones you'd like to see included.  I am making a 'Like' box available at the end of each post, which you can tick if applicable.

Most need much editing, so I am really only asking which ones you consider worth working on for inclusion in the book.

(All I know so far is that the book will be called 'Remembering Bali', will probably start with the first poem, 'Remembrance of Times Past', and might end with day 17's 'Tell Me Why'. Others will likely not be in the order they were written.) 

Many thanks!

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