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10 May 2009

Opening darkness: haiku for April 2009


The rain is roaring
drowning out the surf’s thunder.
North and south, there’s floods.


The cloud-covered moon
the full moon, at 2 am
showed herself, I danced.


I'm full of poems,
long ones, crowding out haiku –
but soon miss my friends.


and the vast river


A fine new morning:
sunshine after days of rain.
We wake, smile, embrace.


White noise
and outside the sea


opening darkness
seeds half realizations
first widening blooms


wild ocean tonight
thundering, coming down hard
and foaming the dunes


A poem in tanka form, with senryu feel, about haiku:

Haiku on Friday (MySpace)

I started the group
so I’d learn to write haiku
from skilled friends who joined.
They are skilled, I’m still learning –
but I’m seen as an expert!


Tibetan Prayer Flags

At length the weather
will erase what is written.
Prayers are renewed.


Earth Day

We wake to sunlight
and the planet still here
the morning after.

On the other hand ...

Enjoy what we have!
Sweet awakening today,
and how much longer?

- Devil's Advocate


Dawn Service, Anzac Day

At Gallipoli
a bugle sounds the Last Post
then comes Reveille.
Old enemies, side by side
remember, and pray for peace.


To Sandra
(for her profile page on MySpace)

You’re a restful place
for me to come and visit
sometimes … it’s enough.


Bright green lorikeet
flashes past me as I walk,
vanishes in tree.

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