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26 January 2015

Aunty Ev

My aunty is old.
I send her my poetry book
to please her,
knowing she can’t take it in.
I hope its being sent
will be enough.

Cousin Elizabeth emails.
My aunt is cranky now,
must be supervised,
no longer has her own
little house where she planted roses.

I think of her 
fifty years ago
when she rescued me in my teens
and my little brother.
I think of her on her doorstep
smiling and opening her arms.

2/10/07 – 26/1/15

(A revision. Aunty Ev died in 2010.)

Here is Aunty Ev (right) with cousin Elizabeth — 
not her daughter but another niece —  in 2008.

Submitted for Poets United's Poetry Pantry #236


  1. Such a memory is worthy of your time together, is worthy of the sent book!

  2. Every one should be lucky enough to have an Aunty Ev.She's a sweetie. I hope she sees you post.

  3. So much love in the intention of sending along poetry, a dedication, to one who can no longer take it in. Yet, she remains with you, that love a piece of your heart. Generous open arms that stay open and smiling even after passing.

  4. I love the picture of your aunt and her hat ~ adorable! How bittersweet that she could no longer plant roses but such lovely memories remain. How nice that you had such a close relationship and thoughtful of you to send her pietry :)

    1. oops "poetry"

      P.S. She reminds me of a sweet great aunt who was full of life and colorful :)

  5. Aunty Ev is smiling from up above, Rosemary. I just know. Lovely poem!

    - ksm

  6. Age can be awful to witness and yet she will always be...as she is and always was and will be....

  7. luv the pic and poem

    have a good week; thanks for stopping by to read mine

    much love...

  8. Oh, how important to remember the essence of person especially when regress starting....evocative poem...

  9. She is clearly a woman who has lived a good life. So glad she was in your teen picture.

  10. Oh I can see her, beaming love, with her arms wide open. How wonderful, Rosemary. I so love this poem. For me, it was my grandma. She saved my life.

  11. It sounds like Aunty Ev was a magnificent and strong person. I could really sense this in your poem, and I think your aunt would have loved to read this. Great tribute.

  12. I hope she see your post as I am sure it would bring a smile. Sometimes, in the journey special people come into our lives to help us and I think she is that person.

  13. what a sweet revisiting of a poem to share with us Rosemary. I'm glad she was there for you when you needed help

  14. ihope she enjoyed the book.,..
    hard too when you are no longer in that house...
    my gramma had a heart attack on saturday
    and she has finally come to the point she is ready to accept
    not being in her own house and getting the care she needs...

  15. How very touching ~ I am glad you have happy memories of her ~

  16. Rosemary, thank you for this one. You brought back raucous memories of childhood and the inspiration for a poem. I'll let you know if I work it out. Thank you also for your visit...and echoing someone else, we all need an Aunty Ev alive in our memories,


    1. Thank you for the inspiration. My poem may be found here:



  17. she looks like she smiled a lot... and i love her hat... sorry for the loss...

  18. Wonderful words for your late Aunt! Just goes to show one is remembered for good deeds. It is good to make oneself aware and able to relate them later in life! Great lines Rosemary!


    1. Thank you, Hank. I always used to tell her she was my favourite aunty and my second Mum.

  19. what a beautiful and bittersweet poem for your aunty!

    this one brought tears to my eyes.

    thank you for sharing.


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