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28 February 2013

The Patterns Change

Since you left us
rain lasts longer,
monsoonal downpours
spread further south
more often,
while the coldest 
extremities of the continent 

turn my mind away
from such concerns,
watching instead
myself and cats
gradually alter
our small routines,
in your large absence.

Submitted for Poets United's Verse First: Patterns


  1. monsoonal downpours
    spread further south

    I like the sadness in this and the feeling of forlorn. Sad but lovely

  2. I like the way you presented this poem, Rosemary. First stanza about global patterns changing; and second stanza about personal patterns. Just as earth's people have to adjust to climate changes, you show how on an individual level one must change patterns as well sometimes. (And we all do, don't we? Like it or not..we have to.)

    1. Thanks, Mary. Yes, I'm afraid it's inevitable.

  3. Patterns do change..so true.. with time and circumstances...life moves on!

    loved it!

  4. Beautiful, Rosemary. I especially like the first stanza.

  5. Small routines, large absence... I feel this because you write it so well. Absolutely lovely poem, Rosemary, allowing us to feel the situation.

  6. yes, sad but lovely verses. there's something about the rains that tells us about the mood.

    "small routines, .. large absence" : very poignant.

  7. "small routines and large absence" - so profoundly captured.

  8. Thanks all. I appreciate your appreciation!

    The verses, too, make a change of pattern in terms of word count, one being the opposite of the other.