I ... entered the poem of life, whose purpose is ... simply to witness the beauties of the world, to discover the many forms that love can take. (Barabara Blackman in 'Glass After Glass')

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23 February 2013

Graffiti Makers

graffiti makers
wear anonymous clothes
jeans and hoodies
hide their faces
sign their names
their pseudonyms

some go for blocks
of heavy black
angular sharp
others are bright
with wild colour
i'm in that mob

Submitted for dVerse Meeting the Bar #21


  1. ha. i am in the color mom myself...all the hues...like flowers...

  2. mob....goodness...my fingers went too fast...smiles.

  3. Nice write Rosemary. I read your 'about' and nice to see such an interesting life and so diverse and eclectic...if I can use those words. I'm not yet retired but only 5yrs off now. Good to see you at dVerse.

  4. Me too, I like going wild with colors ~

  5. I'm all for the color too and love what you did with the graffiti maker. It can be fun to be a bit wild. Did you wear a hoodie during the making of the poem? Thanks so much for joining us!

  6. there is definitely something appealing about black, but a splash of color definitely doesn't hurt!

  7. ha nice...love me a wild color pattern on a grey wall...smiles

  8. A splash of colour does me good too. Nice write, Rosemary

  9. I'm for colour too - boldly outlined in black.

    Anna :o]

  10. Beautifully done, Rosemary! One can go wild in any direction with the graffiti maker! It makes it a pro offering. Nicely!


    1. Yes, I must go back and play some more. :)

  11. You truly are Rosemary! Nicely spun. :)

  12. Purely observational, this could be a wikipedia entry for its clarity and conciseness. Well done, Rosemary!

  13. Colour every time. We need to brighten those drab spaces.

  14. Thanks to you all for the kind comments. Glad I struck a chord.

  15. I would never expect you to be a shades-of-gray gal, Rosemary. COLOR in capitals is you, without a doubt!