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to discover the many forms that love can take. (Barabara Blackman in 'Glass After Glass')

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8 April 2010

Until Today

I wasn’t scared at all until today.
Let me not go blind, dear God!
Well, it’s my left eye only,
not super-urgent, he said —
check it again in three months,
sooner if it deteriorates.
Surgery, not till later.

All those messages,
not clear until today:
the battery running low,
driving home in almost darkness,
hesitant and slow; and then the car
I backed into in spite of looking.
(Luckily not marked and he was cool.)

All those memories
coming idly into mind:
the friend who lost her sight
gradually, but oh, inexorably.
And the books where people told
what it’s really like — for some,
not dark at all but a sea of light.

All these intimations
I just refused to see. 
To see. That precious sense
above all other senses. Now
there’s a hole in my seeing.
The kindly Universe tried to warn;
I remained oblivious — until today.

April PAD Challenge 7
Prompt: Write a poem with the title 

‘Until ...’ and fill in the word or phrase.


  1. such as it goes.

    sea of light with sight loss. interesting. like floaters expanded infinitely.

    I have to admit my eyesight has slipped again. nearly 3 years since it was checked so appointment made.

  2. Mine was a routine check after two-and-a-bit years. I have a membrane growing behind my retina - could have been serious if it hadn't been spotted at this stage. Now, is likely to be merely expensive!

  3. ah, too bad, but better than blindness.