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9 April 2010

Strategic Plan

Three workshops.
Over time we articulate
the vision, the mission,
the goals, the objectives,
the strategies.

It’s near the end of the process
that we look at values —
what everything else is based on.

‘The right of people to make choices
in their own lives. The right of people
to dignity, respect and non-discrimination;
to be valued as individuals.
The right of the community
to responsive, accountable services.
The right of workers to be valued
for their contributions.’

I travel now from another town
to stay part of this organisation.
Its values are my values,
its goals are my goals.
Already, in ten years,
it has grown beyond belief.

We are creating a plan
to help this Neighbourhood Centre
keep on doing everything it’s already doing
and more, and better; we’re creating
a tool to maintain and support
a community that is strong,
inclusive and connected.

April PAD Challenge 8
Prompt: Pick a tool, make that the title of your poem.

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