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26 April 2010

Wild Goose's Sister

(Inspired by Frankie Laine’s ‘The Cry of the Wild Goose’)

Not a girly girl,
though I seemed to be.
I was quiet, timid, dreamy:
‘nose in a book’
‘scared of her shadow’
‘head in the clouds’.

Well they got that last one right.
I wanted to fly with Frankie
like the Wild Goose,
to breast the wind and ride the sky,
sailing on open wings
over the horizon, far and free.

In dreams I was D’Artagnan,
I was Robin Hood.
Never Maid Marian.
It was always
the dashing hero I wanted
not to win but be.

I grew into a woman, wanting
and getting what women dream:
husband, home, children,
all that — a woman
who is always finding
feathers in her path.

April PAD Challenge 25
Prompt: Write a poem inspired by a song. 

Include the song and artist (if known).

Submitted April 2013 for Poets United's Poetry Pantry #144


  1. Rosemary, I have to find time to listen to Frankie Laine's "The Cry of the Wild Goose." Ha, ha....I wasn't a girly girl either, and I definitely enjoyed having my nose in a book. Odd, as now I have a hard time reading (am more into writing). I played Robin Hood too, and was a cowboy and an astronaut. I too visualized myself as hero; and...I think we both are!

  2. hmm always wondered about the male dominated heroes in our stories and how women reacted to it- like the phrase breast the wind

    1. I think now, at last, stories and movies are being created which allow girls to be brave heroes too.

  3. Wow, this was fascinating. Your confessions will make me think more carefully of my daughter's desires. Thank you.
    Frankie Laine (1913-2007) indeed! I had to look that up -- excellent! Thanx. Great Stuff. Song writter was Terry Gilkyson (1916-1999).

    You improved my insight today and introduced talent I'd not yet seen (with a touch of lament). :-)

  4. "always finding feathers in her path" love this!

  5. "not to win but be."

    i think you are one exceptional lady. :)

  6. Excellent twist and the ending is priceless.

  7. Thank you everyone. So glad you all enjoyed this. :)