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23 April 2017

Portraying Icarus

He makes death 
sound beautiful,
feel triumphant.

This he does 
with the music
of his words,
mellifluous words.

Does he want
that  humans,
aspiring to fly,
be angels?

Or is it 
the crash
he craves – 
its blaze of glory?

A response to Michael Dransfield's poem, Icarus, written for FASHION ME YOUR WORDS ~ The way you see it, day 23 of April Poetry Month at 'imaginary garden with real toads'.

Also submitted for Magaly's Protest and Outrage: Dark Poetry for the Cruellest Month


  1. Crashing at the feet of the rainbow. I want to agree with you Rosemary, he does present to us a sort of dilemma in unnderstanding death and defeat.

    Thanks for participating

    Much love...

  2. Wow! Such a detailed interpretation of Michael Dransfield's poem Rosemary! I especially like how you shed light on the ambiguity of his lines with; "Does he want that humans,
    aspiring to fly, be angels? Or is it the crash he craves – its blaze of glory?" Beautifully penned.

  3. Oh, I do love your second look and how you see it!

  4. That final question is a game changer alright.

  5. Oh, I like this, Rosemary. I hadn't known of Icarus and so I am glad too that you referenced him. Ironically, in Bible Study this morning at church the teacher was talking about death and then what after. A lady next to me in this morning is just a few years older than me. I whispered to her, “I count down now, instead of counting up.” She whispered, “Me too.” :)

  6. "to fly", "blaze of glory". to inspire away from meaninglessness.

  7. That is quite a question. I really love your interpretation of the poem. Do we wish to fly as angels or get our fifteen minutes of glory in the crash and burn?

  8. A question to ponder. Did not know the original. Thanks for sharing.

  9. "or is it the crash he craves" -- Man, this is a pondering place, isn't it? So well done, Rosemary.