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9 March 2017

It Flares Up Now and Then

I can't write a poem today, as I have been asked to do, about the importance of change to the condition of women. Oh, I know that all over the world there are women living in poverty and oppression which we in this country have never seen – unless, of course, we’re indigenous … or disabled … or came here from a war-torn homeland … but anyway I don't have time, not today.

Today I am visiting a friend in her sixties to give her a Reiki treatment, because she is still feeling the effects in her body of the husband who threw her against a wall (she is a small woman; he was a large man) and later did the same to one of their daughters before she got them all away; and of that other man, later, who raped her.

She changed her own condition. She is free, beautiful, independent, kind; a happy mother and grandmother. She is an artist, a writer, a thinker. And her body still holds the lingering trauma of those events from years ago. It flares up now and then, and exhausts her. I don't have time today to write a poem about liberating women. I’m sorry. I can only do what is in front of me here, and my friend needs help and healing today.

a brown leaf falls 
from the frangipani
autumn sadness

A response to Poets United's Midweek Motif ~ 
A Woman's Day: Be Bold For Change


  1. And someone picks that leaf up. You! We do our best work near home. I believe that adds up. Your message about actions over words, is beautifully worded. What a gift you have of healing, seeing, writing.

  2. invisible trauma-marks are so indelible sometimes, but she receives a gift in you...

  3. I think your haiku is on point. We need to share all sides of the issues. You were smart enough to share what was in front of you and that's great poetic finesse

    Thanks for dropping by to read my

    Much love...

  4. Domestic violence by men against women is out of control in Australia.
    It has to stop.

  5. You are an angel! Thank you for all you do. Yes, it is said, it is the main reason women go to hospital. We do need to care for each other. I am here for you, and you are here for me. Woven together because we need each other.

  6. There are many forms of liberation. Glad your friend liberated herself and her family. We must remain aware and help those women who suffer at the hands of men who are supposed to love them. Thank you for this Rosemary.

  7. Oh my goodness. The best poem about women's day EVER! Bravo.

  8. Simply perfect. A poem in the doing, rather than the writing. Action speaks louder than words in your moving response to the prompt. My favorite today!

  9. Wow! Gracias for this moment's illumination

  10. Despite that the treatment and opinion of women in our own countries may be of concern at times it is far far worse in others. We each must do what we can to treat women and girls with the same respect and consideration as we do our own sex but sadly there remains even in 'civilised' countries this abominable divison that is still nurtured and is so hard to break as it is passed down from father to sons who sees the treatment of his mother and sisters. What long road it is that leads to equality everywhere.

    1. Yes, Robin – longer than our lifetimes, sadly.

  11. That's okay. Being with a friend is far more important. The background gave the haiku that extra

  12. My friends husband used to emotionally and physically abuse her - but mellowed in old age. He was carrying on the behaviours he had seen in his father as in witnessing the abuse of his mother.
    My friend left him once and learning on the very first day that there would be social worker involvement in her life and that of her daughters - she returned home.
    She was more afraid of how social workers would become her new controllers...
    Sad, but true.
    Kind regards
    Anna :o]

  13. You followed your heart and did what was most important for you to do! (And her.) That is what a BOLD woman does with her life!

  14. There are way to many stories like this of physical and mental abuse...bkm

  15. Being there for a friend is a part of what makes women strong and capable. Beautiful haiku!

  16. Thank you for sharing this is with us.
    Thoughts and prayers with your friend.

  17. This one let me quiet for some time, Rosemary. And that doesn't happen to me often. I think that it touched me so deep because I know this feeling, I've breathed those words--we can't all go into the streets to protest and save the world, one march at a time... some of us have to do what is write in front of us, because it can't wait... they can't wait.

  18. One wound, one heart at a time is no less that a mass movement..both have their need and place. So wonderful what you're doing.

  19. A beautiful, sad, powerful yet uplifting write, Rosemary!