I ... entered the poem of life, whose purpose is ... simply to witness the beauties of the world, to discover the many forms that love can take. (Barabara Blackman in 'Glass After Glass')

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12 February 2016

Across the Water, Moonlight

Across the water, moonlight
seems to beckon you away.
Although I beg you to stay,
you go out into the night.
How long do you want me to wait?
I lift my face to the coming day.
Across the water, moonlight
seems to beckon you away.

Sunlight, moonlight; both are bright.
I don’t know – should I follow or stay?
You travel fast, an unknown way.
I gaze, but you are now past sight….
Across the water, moonlight.

Moonlight Reflection by Peter Kratochvil, public domain.

Another Rondel for dVerse Meeting the Bar, as I got the first attempt a bit wrong.


  1. I haven't read the previous one but this is a delight!

  2. Ah....when it is time to follow, you will know!

  3. This is beautiful, the moonlight, the unknown way....."across the water, moonlight" is such a lovely line.

  4. this is my dream too, you've put it in the most beautiful way....

  5. This is like the mångata ... Love the thought of trying to follow that wonderful,shine,

  6. Where this landed is just wonderful, Rosemary:
    "but you are now past sight….
    Across the water"

    To be able to orchestrate the change in meaning of the repeating line, while following the poem's flow...WONDERFUL.

  7. So lovely, entrancing. It makes me want to know more--there is such longing, but also uncertaintly.

    1. A pinch of nostalgia and a dollop of fiction, inspired by thoughts of my late second husband, a professional fisherman. It was a long and mostly loving marriage, even though we went separate ways after 27 years and I went on to have a third, more harmonious one.

  8. Just heavenly, Rosemary. I had the feeling of you yearning to follow someone who has passed...but then there was the questioning of whether or not you should.

  9. Reminds me...and may there be no moaning at the bar.

    1. Ha! I was brought up on that. It wasn't consciously in mind when I wrote this, but I do see why you would be reminded.

  10. Beautiful....whenever I am in Provincetown, I love the sunrises on the water. But my greatest delight is when the moon progresses in size enough to cast a silvery path on those same waters. This is lovely.

  11. Our feral cat
    Yellow Boy..
    brave traveler
    of days gOne
    by.. feline
    now inside..
    Love an immune
    system.. liFe gRows
    LonG.. cAll oF
    sTill stroNg..
    cAlls mE too..
    LesSon oF wiLd
    hUman Free too..:)