I ... entered the poem of life, whose purpose is ... simply to witness the beauties of the world, to discover the many forms that love can take. (Barabara Blackman in 'Glass After Glass')

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15 January 2016

Exploring New Landscapes

We move away from the city, north to clear skies, to low horizons ringed by mountains – not high-rise columnar blocks of rectangular windows, their blank panes angled for concealment. The trees are silvery green alongside the railway track. We pass a river harbour teeming with small white boats.

I am reminded of another journey once taken – of moving through greyness, through cold, toward one flush of colour, pink with highlights of gold. A flower in the snow, blooming early. Too early. Yet we were drawn towards it, wishing it to keep on blooming until we might reach it, stroke its petals, inhale.... Some journeys, though full of longing, can never be completed.

he travels alone
an old man gazing at trees –
the train gathers speed

Image copyright © Kanzensakura 2014 

Used with permission. All rights reserved.

Written for Haibun Monday 5 at dVerse
Also linking to Poets United's Poetry Pantry #289


  1. Lump in throat now.

  2. Train song..
    gONe by..
    Train now..

    Hear Now
    Track SinGs..:)

  3. A very moving reflection as you ride the train ~ Some journeys are grey but we try don't we to hope for all that is within us, full of longing ~

    Thanks for joining us for Haibun Monday and wishing you a wonderful week/end ~

  4. There's a sadness felt in this but acceptance too. A beautiful haibun, Rosemary.

  5. I found the concluding haiku of your haibun very moving, Rosemary. It does seem that at some point the 'train journey' picks up speed!

  6. We found them and admired them from a distance. But they might not be easily won over - The train journey of many a disappointed male suitor!


  7. I love how you layered your prose, and the sadness of never reaching that goal, that important one. Love the haiku too...

  8. "Some journeys, though full of longing, can never be completed." what a beautiful line with its essence ringing in the haiku...

  9. I am struck by "some journeys, though full of longing, can never be completed". I hope I am not making such a journey now back to my beach, Rosemary. I want more sunsets! Like Mary, I found the concluding haiku very moving. I can see him, looking out the window - at the past. Sigh. This is a wonderful haibun.

    1. Partly inspired by a silver-haired gentlemen I sat next to on the train coming home from my recent holiday. He was from England, so was keen to make the most of the views through the window. He told me how he had previously holidayed all over the world with his late wife.

  10. A lovely haiku there Rosemary!

  11. Observing the country from a train I often feel like stopping off in nowhere and experiencing the wild, the beautiful, the untamed. When working in country Australia 40 years ago I often used to take the road less travelled and was never disappointed. This haibun brought it all back.

  12. Perfect haibun. Your descriptions take us by the hand, gently... but promising that the journey will be bittersweet--beautiful, difficult, and impossible to dismiss.

  13. I too am stuck on that ending line, 'Some journeys, though full of longing, can never be completed.' And oh the ending haiku....such a beautiful reflective piece!

  14. there is so much colour in the haibun. and gentleness in the words. this is not just any journey. this is a journey of self-discovery.

  15. Very lovely, thanks for taking me on this journey.

  16. I feel the sadness in the journey the longing for fulfillment and the realization that the goal is always forward never truly in grasp.

  17. Oh, this is so evocative. Beautiful writing.

  18. Magnificent haibun! The loneliness of trains and an older man just make it so rich!

  19. lovely fluid descriptions topped off with a sweetly succinct haiku

  20. Love the longing in your haibun, and the metaphor of train for life - in haiku. Some magic here....

  21. Lovely haibun. It is packed with visuals, and meaning.

  22. Rosemary,

    Indeed there are elements of this life, where some circumstances, leave us alone to experience a particular situation..Not often, but at those times, I feel very much alone..I prefer having my companion..

  23. oh my, this is simply gorgeous and moving.

    very emotional, also a bit nostalgic to think that some journeys can never be completed.

    this is a poem that calls toward the reader for reflection. and i love it.