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25 April 2014

Tell It to the Wind

"Tell it to the wind," said Ramtha*
"And I will hear you, I'll be there."

I used to do that sometimes
when I lived out under a big sky —
that wide swirling-space for the wind,
and the vast expanse of stars
far away from the blinding 
lights of cities. 

I felt his presence in response.

That was a long time ago,
though it seems so fresh.
Even in this little rural town
the street lights are shining, 
and the sky between the mountains
is often overcast, windless.

Somewhere along the way
I almost forgot Ramtha.

I don't remember why
I spoke to him in the wind —
what I wanted to say,
what I thought he might reply —
but I was lonely then,
at the silent end of my second marriage.

Widowed after my long and happy third,
I do miss someone to talk things over with….

*Ramtha. A channelled being who came to prominence in the eighties.

April Poem A Day Challenge 2014, day 24: "Tell It to the —"

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