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15 June 2012

The Sun Now Going Down

the sun now going down
my darling heart
resting at last

I’d like to go out
walking along our road
sweet with grass and clover

darkness approaching
birds flying home 
through the trees

but I dare not leave
in case he might wake
startled and alone

he doesn’t always know 
that he’s home

sometimes he thinks
he needs to go 
somewhere else

to some other home
though I try to persuade him
home is with me

the sun goes down
I watch from my window
I lock the doors

Submitted 13 months later for Poets United's Verse First — Lock


  1. nod, my dad was convinced that the old age home was a renovation to his own home.

  2. Here, home itself often gets confused with offices where he worked long ago.

  3. Rosemary, this is very hard. I hear you on this. I appreciate your honest recounting. It helps, I think. Hope you...and he....are doing okay.

  4. wonderful poem.authentic, passionate and very moving.

  5. mmm...there is a heaviness to this...a responsibility, a pain in their not knowing where they are and having to reconvince them we are home...

    1. May you never know it at first hand, Brian!

  6. Beautifully expressed and terribly terribly sad.

  7. Very poignant and moving and yet so caring. I hope you both are okay.

    1. Thanks, Suzy. He died last September. Much as I miss him, I know he went at the right time.

  8. O Rosemary! Only someone who's been there could capture this event whispering and calmly, retreating, holding on, locking doors.

  9. Sweet sunset of life - beautiful words!

  10. Thanks to you all for you caring comments.