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20 May 2012

Obama the President

Oh how ecstatic.  
At last, I thought, 
And liked him so much, 

his Yes We Can slogan 
It’s Time!

But it hasn’t turned out 

‘What chance
have they given him?’
someone asks.

I don’t know. 

Couldn’t he have closed 
Guantanamo? am I naive?  

Anyone, of course,
better than George 

personable, and his family
And has a brain

ought to have been 
the Messiah some of us 

but in truth 
seems weak.

And a damn sight more 

What good 
killing Bin Laden? 

him and Hilary and co 
all sitting around 
watching it on TV, 
like murder was GOOD 

chilling banality. 

No I don’t say Bin Laden 
was right or good or anything
But still. 

‘Two wrongs don’t make’

those values
long gone now.

A 'cut-up' poem, made from a prose timed writing in response to a prompt at WordsFlow writers' group.


  1. i hear you...i was rather disturbed by all the partying in the streets after bin ladens death...very reminiscent of the way they celebrated the tower collapse...again does not make it right...kinda hard with a republican congress...i dunno what to expect this election honestly...def not a fan of romney

    1. I actually do hope Obama gets another term. I am somewhat disappointed to note his human failings, but the alternative looks a lot worse (from over here in Australia, anyway).

  2. A very well-done cut-up poem too! Not such a big fan of politics. For me, neither presidential candidates sound good. But I do agree in that all the wrongs committed do not make a right. We are we to judge such things?

    But politics aside, a very powerful piece!

    1. Thank you. I don't often do cut-ups. It was interesting that this consisted mostly of cutting things OUT.

  3. Those seeking election can say anything / promise anything. I see it starting up again now. Political posturing & statements made in order to win the election!