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25 July 2010

Days of Happiness

Jennie wants ideas
for writing a poem a day.
Among others, I suggest
the ‘8 Days of Happiness’ meme,
where every day you find
some new reason for happiness
and write of that.

I decide to do it too; I could use
finding some causes,
just now, for happiness.
He asked me what it was like for me
when he went to hospital
for three weeks, and nearly didn’t
come back out ... then we both
relived that distress.

Happiness today, for me,
is a cold spell when we stay inside
and he, still weak, lies down to rest
in his own bed in his own home.
It’s a cloudy sky he lived to see,
above a garden of weeds that awaits
new order, new sunlight,
and us old dears in our chairs
enjoying each new day.

8 Days of Happiness: 1 / Six Sentences

(I'm also playing a game with form, inspired by the site Six Sentences.)

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