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1 August 2009

Oh swift dragonfly! – haiku for July 2009


even after death
foibles are not forgotten
by the hell-wishers

A comment on the immediate aftermath of Michael Jackson's death.


the rose buds anew
on the old blooms petals curl
loosening their grip


sad young man visits
it's too late to mother him
I ache for his need


cold grey morning
roses bend in the rain
he sings at breakfast


oh swift dragonfly!
poised to alight on this page
with humming wings


Ernie is naughty
the mischievous boy in him
just why we love him.


refreshing rain
washes the kookaburra
his laugh rings clear


falling raindrops
life’s problems loosen and float
like fallen petals



young bull panics
separated from the pack
dead runner

Sum up your day in the form of a haiku


still in warm nightwear
should be transcribing Minutes
it's too cold for work


July morning chill
the vines push out new tendrils
into empty space


winter or summer
life pushes for renewal
dazzling and dancing


by vines in brisk dawn
or among summer roses
fly the winged haiku


a single thin vine
growing straight up from concrete
clings flat to the wall

Sum up your day in the form of a haiku


wrestle computer
eat, walk, shop, talk to husband,
wrestle computer

(it's old and it's slow
and being that way myself
too much frustration)


she lies on her side
preserved for millions of years
a tiny fossil

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