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1 July 2009

Eastward on long stems: haiku for June 2009


May drizzle.
The rosebush grows taller
and sprouts new buds.


How reassuring
back in the day, that my shrink
watched "Lost in Space" too.


Look! a rainbow
arching over our street
against grey sky.


Morning chill
pale sunlight filtering
through fern leaves.


For Aung San Suu Kyi

the lady’s birthday
today she turns 64
yes we still need her


Winter solstice
the sky is one grey cloud
rain comes down heavy


June sun
lightens the grey sky
as I would your cares


moonlight and jasmine
through billowing blue curtains
night fills the cottage

night in your cottage
jasmine scented and moonlit
wafts to my daydreams

I'm in your cottage
wafted on scent of jasmine
and blue-white moon rays


this time of Solstice
the world protests injustice
the wheel turns for change

(inspired by seeing the cyber-community mobilise
for Aung San Suu Kyi and the Iranians)


unpruned roses
lean eastward on long stems
June sky drizzling

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