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31 December 2008

Hot in Australia: haiku and things for December 2008


Christmas is coming.
It’s hot in Australia,
swimming weather – yay!

(I think we better call this one a senryu.)
A friend commented:

There is a word for people who talk about heat & swimming weather while it is snowing here in Colorado -- but I don't think that word is "senryu." (-:


Morning dark and damp.
I contemplate stormy clouds
and turbulent creek.


In the flood of love
my heart naturally turns
to joyous haiku.


Christmas looms closer,
storms and heat mere irritants
in lead-up frenzy.


In our warm weather
I gaze at pictures of snow –
admire, don’t envy.


Is it gift or wage
if you must be a good child
for Santa to come?


No longer looming,
Christmas is here. May it bring
peace and joy to all!


Christmas is over:
two days of festivity
in a busy year.

Losing track of days
in a welter of feasting,
I forget haiku!


The dark of the moon
a soft steady rain falling.
I write to my son.


  1. Sounds like a beautiful nighttime cocktail. I also giggled at Wage or Gift of Santa- love, Danielle Love

  2. Open source turf war.
    Torvalds versus Kolivas.
    Wasted clock cycles.