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30 January 2009

Hey, Crow

‘Hey, Crow,’
I say in my mind
and he flips up into the air
just before a truck
rounds the bend, huge
on the early morning road.

He is all points: beak,
opening wing-tips, tail
and splayed claws
on dangling legs;
jagged, ragged black
lifting calm and quick.

Then we are past
and the mist
thickens down the valley,
swathes of smoky cloud
filling all hollows except
the bright path we travel.

‘What’s all this light?’ I ask,
‘Look how the sun shines!’
The fog around us towers,
spills up surrounding hills.
Between, our sky is a channel
radiant blue. From high,
one barking laugh.

Published in OCHO #24  (the poets-on-twitter edition – after a few years, no longer available to read in issuu, sadly, but can be bought as a book: see my right side-bar)

In May 2016, linked to Poets United's Poetry Pantry #304


  1. this is such a beautiful canvas of light and shade...

  2. What Sumana said. And the crow's opening points and closing bark.

  3. Through your words, I could see the fog swirling up, the light, the crow with his dangling feet.......I love his barking laugh.

  4. What wonderful imagery here! I really enjoyed the description of the crow, Rosemary.

  5. The crow is observant too Rosemary. He was your guide after all :)

  6. Incredible imagery here Rosemary :D inspired!

    Lots of love,

  7. You paint a vivid picture here, crowned by a great finish...

  8. A chiaroscuro of vivid imagery. Luv your silent hail out to the crow

    Thanks for dropping by my Sunday Lime today

    Much love...

  9. I am glad i am not the only one who talks to special birds who seem to be sent just for us on that day.. hey crow..you are a noble bird

  10. There is much folklore surrounding crows...perhaps the crow has divined a sunny path through the fog. Fascinating poem!

  11. Really a lot to this one... or many shades of meaning. I think the fact that I read this a couple of times shows this. Really nice.

  12. Love the mystery of the light and darkness... the crow adds so much to this poem...

  13. I so enjoy this poem, Rosemary. It checks all the boxes for me.

  14. I've always enjoyed the cackling of crows, so I truly love your description of the bird... and as Bjorn suggested, the "mystery" surrounding its circumstances.

  15. Crows are such smart birds really--but they know how to bark as I pass underneath them! Loved this Rosemary!

  16. Your words were as clear as a photograph with such stunning depiction.

  17. Love the razor sharp images in this one..beautiful!

  18. The crow has its own thing to do. It is more free to choose unlike one on the ground with all the inherent dangers. Life's choices like so Rosemary!


  19. The crow is wise. It seems to light your way. Love the images here and the call to the crow.

  20. Wonderful words ... you've eloquently drawn this really cool and curious scene in mist and light with "THE CROW" at the heart of it all. I am there.

  21. You remind me of why I so loved doing road trips, always leaning into the next curve, wanting not to miss the surprises in nature and all her beauty,


  22. I too, want to fly with the crow! I adore crows on my bike rides they are so beautiful and strong. On land they hop but in the air they are truly free, just like your poem!

  23. i can see why this poem is published. :)
    the images are so vivid and detailed but it is the telepathic understanding between human and bird that is so charming.