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31 January 2017

She Becomes an Indoor Cat

In heatwave, dawn and dusk 
are the times she likes to go out
into the cool, to her garden.

But these are the times forbidden –
mosquito hours. The allergy 
strips her rich fur.

She distrusts help, resists 
calendula cream or diluted 
lavender oil. Stalemate.

Denuded on belly; thinning on paws, eyebrows and behind ears

Actually she is being treated by tablets crushed in her food, which will help even without the topical calendula cream. But I must not let her out at all during her preferred hours – and without the lavender oil to discourage the mozzies, I can't let her out at any time.

Written for Quadrille #25, dawn at dVerse.


  1. Replies
    1. She already has. But I think she has a low opinion of my intelligence.

  2. Oh, poor baby,. It may be confusing to her but I'm sure she knows you love her.

  3. Didn't know about mozzies getting at cats! Poor thing!

  4. Dawn and dusk would be my preferred times to be outside in warmer climates and seasons than the one we are in now.

  5. Poor cat, but it's for her own good - come colder times and she'll be happy again

  6. Awww... she looks so adorable!! Hopefully those mosquitoes will stay far far away!!

  7. Love this take on the prompt. We have a black cat, too, who doesn't ever get to go outside. Not because of allergies but because he can't help but climb trees and then can't get down. Once he was 40 feet up and we had to call someone to get him down.

  8. Lucky she has someone to car for her

  9. Awwww. Sweet baby. Nicely done, Rosemary.

  10. Poor kitty. ..to not be able to do what she lives due to allergies is truly sad.

  11. Nice and compassionate! Good one, Rosemary!

  12. Cats are such independant creatures! Lovely!