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14 July 2016

The Settling In

(The first six months)

She is running all over the house just now 
like a kitten, although she is eight –
well middle-aged for a cat – 
and has been a mother.

I don’t know what became
of her kittens. I don’t know why 
she won’t purr or miaow. Or who taught her
to cringe away if I even raise my voice.

‘You’re very expressive,’ I told her,
‘with your eyes and body, but if I’m busy 
I might not notice you want something. 
Either miaow, or mind-shout louder.’

She makes her own choices. Instead,
if I don’t immediately see her needs 
and respond, now she runs up to me,
tapping my leg with a gentle, insistent paw.

She’s a spectacular beauty. Maybe that
got her saved and homed, until at last
fate brought her to me. I think
we were meant for each other.

We have learned the right moments
for her to sit on me, and me to croon and pat.
We have learned to know when both of us, 
old girls set in our ways, need space.

Sometimes, now, I can pick her up
and hold her, and she doesn’t struggle.
(But I keep it brief.)  She likes me nearby
when she spends time outside. I oblige.

A wise woman told me she is my witch cat,
my new familiar. ‘You are equal partners,
not one overpowering the other.‘ I wait.
Perfect love and trust are almost here.

I'm linking this to Poets United's Poetry Pantry #313


  1. What a wonderful settling in... You are both lucky to have found each other.

    1. ^^^ I miss that man! Is it time for him to come home yet? :(

    2. I miss the man who will not be coming home again (except in spirit) – but she never knew him. She is waiting for me to do something interesting (like feed her).

  2. She looks wise, like you Rosemary and your poem does justice to a perfectly balanced relationship. Lovely

  3. Wonderful! The first 5 verses perfectly describe my relationship with my two cats as well. And yours has white whiskers! So lovely. I'm glad you found each other.

  4. Perfect love and trust does take "time." She is so beautiful!

  5. Love: We have learned to know when both of us,
    old girls set in our ways, need space.

    How perfect is that!

  6. I really like her independence and your patience with her. "Perfect love and trust are" on their way, indeed. ♥

  7. how beautifully you both let yourselves be...wise.."Perfect love and trust are almost here." true...

  8. Clearly with a history she is careful and will slowly get used to you as you become soulmates. What a beautiful account of you getting to know each other.

  9. This poem is absolutely lovely :D what an elegant creature!!

  10. Equal partners. Ha. I like that. It is so interesting all the different personalities that cats have. My youngest is so much different than the oldest. The oldest will def tell you, but the youngest rarely miaows. She lets you know by tapping your leg with that paw. She needs more physical attention, he rather likes to pick and choose his times.

  11. she's a beauty!
    your words show the love and trust between each other.

  12. It sounds like two have found a place to simply be. May you enjoy your journey together. I do believe your witch cat and you will be wonderful friends.

  13. Quite a few friends would be able to relate to the love in this poem. :-) Beautiful.

  14. This is beautiful. I like the equal partners idea....I realize now that Pup and I were that. I have loved watching the progression of this love and trust. It sounds as if she had not the best experiences before you and thankfully survived to reach your door.

  15. I love your kitty!!!

    "and has been a mother" ... Great line breaks throughout, but I especially love thinking of your cat as being like a mother to you. Beautiful.

    "We have learned the right moments
    for her to sit on me"

    So cute! And the last two lines are so sweet.

    I heart this poem. :)

  16. you've certainly captured a cats nature, tapping your leg with inssistent paw. Like the photo too

  17. How wonderful to experience the development of perfect love and trust. It must also be wonderful to have a witch cat as a companion.

  18. O, it's wonderful, she already is a good partner...I like how you teach her: 'if I’m busy I might not notice you want something. Either miaow, or mind-shout louder.’ I see how you add to each other so needed balance, makes my heart warmer...

  19. A cat is an adorable pet better suited in the house. A relationship is expected to develop certainly!


    1. Yes she is mostly indoors, but also likes our small, enclosed back yard, which she never attempts to get out of.

  20. to love and respect you two have found a way but I did love the lines "Either miaow, or mind-shout louder"

  21. Cats are so interesting and wonderful.

  22. And when love and trust are perfected, there will be a fresh, new poem!