I ... entered the poem of life, whose purpose is ... simply to witness the beauties of the world, to discover the many forms that love can take. (Barabara Blackman in 'Glass After Glass')

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28 January 2018

Words of Power

The man next door
is beset by demons.
When he's off his medication 
I hear him banging around
trying to fight them off. 
He always resorts at last 
to his most potent curse
which he yells with grim intensity
and awesome courage: "Fuck off!" 

Judging by the sudden silence,
it works. Then he switches on
his talkback radio, loud
enough to hold the spirit hordes
back beyond his walls:
words from the outside world
making a noisy babble in his ears 
to drown those other messages 
only his ears can hear.

I have words for him too.
"If you keep using my phone
or cadging milk and sugar, 
I'll need you to pay." (Thinking, 
"I'm not your mother.") Now 
he never speaks to me, which I prefer….
But he's in the right place. Every night 
I send through the fence, like lasers, 
the words "Light" and “Love".

Magaly, in Art with Me at "imaginary garden with real toads" says she believes words have power (I do too!) and that they can be a way towards healing (so do I!). She asks us to explore "one or three (even thirteen) things you believe words can do for you and others"


  1. Words to banish the bad, enhance the good, and calm the highly pissed off.

    And I know I shouldn't be laughing, but he's banishing of demons with a well-place curse had me roaring. Who said profanity doesn't have a place? ;-D

    1. Even funnier is that he speaks very politely the rest of the time, not at all a habitual swearer.

  2. Your silent words have more command than his vociferous ones, I think.

  3. I would feel scared enough to bless my fence... so much better to send words of light and love....

  4. Ah yes, words to eliminate the cruel, the heartless or just the obnoxious are sometimes much needed. Beautifully rendered.

  5. I think the insane are gripped by an ancient mania, as if time were no palliative for the angst of the gods ... those voices in the head, I understand we all hear them, most have conscious filters. Without those filters the noise is, well, insane ... And a loud bark at Them is an old physic, in the ancient Nordic literature you cursed the ghoul to send it away. Anyway, I'm sure the gods knew what they were doing to place you next to him.

    1. Yes, I decided they must have their reasons. And, as I am an energy healer....

  6. Love and Light - powerful powerful


  7. I like the contrast in the way you and he choose to use words. I think it'd be a nicer world if we at least tried using gentle words to banish first.

    1. I think it's largely beyond his control. And the demons are real to him, so I do think he is very brave to stand up to them.

  8. Beautiful words sent out. They are needed and suspect are received. Energy is never wasted.

  9. I love that you send much-needed light and love to one who most needs it, even though all the noise must be annoying.

    1. When he is on his medication, which is most of the time, he is very quiet.

  10. which he yells with grim intensity
    and awesome courage:

    this is such a curious piece - such a tender and yet powerful story - and exploration of words, their effect, their meaning .... and it is gripping ... right from the start through to the end .... words, spoken, shouted, prayed in silence, with intention .... wonderful poem :)

  11. If anyone can heal him, you can. Love this, Rosemary.

  12. Yes, words that accept the smoothness of literature to the base writings that often flare up with the change of moods. Great writing Rosemary!


  13. You talk about a different kind of words. The kind I don't want to ever hear! Lol!


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