I ... entered the poem of life, whose purpose is ... simply to witness the beauties of the world, to discover the many forms that love can take. (Barabara Blackman in 'Glass After Glass')

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4 January 2018

The Opening of Doors

I usually barge right on through, and usually
there is some light on the other side, even
when one might think I’d have done better
to leave that door shut. Sooner or later 
there is always light – some – and  often
a late burst of unexpected brilliance … and
sometimes the door opens onto sustained
sunlight, and I need only enter and bask.

And there are times when I’m just here, 
and a door opens to let someone else 
come through, towards me, and that 
can be sweet or exciting or possibly
nothing at all – but nothing demands nothing, 
which is restful; and so, one way or another,
I tend to like it when doors open: I tend to see it 
as a good thing … for the most part, anyway.

Best of all is when doors become irrelevant:
when, instead of traversing some boundary or
entry, some turning-point or edge, we rise
skyward, unfettered, on waves of pure thought:
lifting into flight, cavorting on clouds, floating
and dancing in long arabesques, ethereal
pirouettes … which pleasure is encompassed
even better together, and so let our minds 
entwine. Meet me in the middle of the air!

The final sentence is stolen from a Paul Kelly song based on the 23rd Psalm. This particular line, which he inserts into it, is by Kelly himself and not the psalmist – and has different connotations from those I give it here.

This poem was inspired by the Doorway(s) prompt at Poets United this week.


  1. I love especially the rising skyward, lifting into flight. Beautiful, Rosemary. I am still stalled on this side of the door, LOL.

  2. Meeting in air would be delightful!

  3. Think it is beautiful when there are no doors and one moves freely... rising up or floating...at will. Love that last line.

  4. What a fine catalog of the opening of doors, noting "Sooner or later
    there is always light." And when the door itself is irrelevant because nothing holds you--what an absolute delight!

  5. I also like image of door opening, either in the spirit of welcome or giving a chance and love that freedom when the door itself is irrelevant. Nice thoughts.

  6. I'm totally up to meeting in the air. And I too like when doors become irrevelant. I like the positive and relaxed mood in your poem

  7. Yes, with a little wind under our tail, we can fly!!! Thanks Rosemary. On waves of pure thought.

  8. An insightful meditation on active and passive experiencing. Love this line:

    "lifting into flight, cavorting on clouds, floating
    and dancing in long arabesques, ethereal
    pirouettes …"

  9. Lovely words of a positive outlook on life.
    Oh that doors become irrelevant and minds entwine. (I do wonder if you mean our final journey here?)
    Anna :o]

    1. No – but you are free to get that from it if it's meaningful to you.

  10. There is nothing so saddening at the view of a shut door. As soon as it is opened our hearts are lifted...especially if it is a baker's!

  11. cavorting in the clouds... love that turn of phrase... this is a grand write.

  12. lovely! i like the way the doors straddle the line of reality and metaphor


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