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1 February 2018

Wendy Rule's Concert, 31 Jan - 1 Feb 2018

To Andrew

The full moon singer
live on my computer
is in America, next to a mountain.
It's cold there. She is dressed
in warm black pants and jacket,
red beret and hiking boots.
She plans to see the dawn, 
she tells us, after her singing.

Here in Australia, it's midnight.
I'm still in sarong. The electric fans
are still blowing air around my living room.
The sky outside is black with cloud. 
Between songs, Wendy reminds us:
the blue moon blood moon super moon,
Leo moon of creativity and sovereignty,
is present though we cannot see.

So are you, whom I also can't see
except in my mind. When 
did you not celebrate full moon with me?
When did you not watch an eclipse
alongside me? When didn't we 
attend Wendy's concerts together, here
on her visits to this our magical home
under our own mountain?

I know your spirit is with me tonight
as she casts the circle. Here in the South 
it's Lughnasadh, aka Lammas, a time 
of early harvest. I gather up in thought 
blessings that form my harvest, including 
you and the times we had together.
In the Northern half of the world it's Imbolc,
beginning Spring: new life. And I renew.

For Midweek Motif  ~ Moon at Poets United.

Musician Wendy Rule, an Australian now based in Santa Fe, is also a witch who casts circle at all her concerts. You can still find this one on YouTube.


  1. The poem spanning two continents beautifully includes celebration and memories. A touching poem.

    1. And filled with just enough mystery to grip the reader to the very end!

  2. I appreciate how you've walked into the magic and mystery of the moons, the cycling of the seasons, the turning of the wheel - and showcasing how continental divides hold such differences in the experiences (I'm in the Canadian north and it's cold and snowy) and yet - within as without, there are universal themes, of love, belonging, relationships that time and location can't restrict ....

    lovely ideas and an embrace of words Rosemary

    and I find the ending, so powerful :)

  3. This is now my favorite poem of yours, Rosemary! I am listening to Wendy Rule's full moon concert on You Tube. I am happy when those who have left me become present in the fullness of the moon. (I hear the Australian accent of Wendy speaking her greeting, and I'm feeling grateful.)

    1. Oh good, glad you found it. This comment has given me a nudge to find and post the link; thank you.

  4. Lovely how you made the moon all encompassing. Sweet memories revived😊

  5. You took me right into the room with you, the sarong, the fan, the heat, the midnight dark, the memories......just lovely.

  6. "as she casts the circle."
    "and I renew" -- YES.

  7. One of the things I love most about the moon and the changes of the seasons is how they remind us that regardless of where (even when) we are, there are some things that we'll always be able to share with people who love them too--our admiration for the moon, for winter turning to spring, for Nature...

  8. My goodness this is good!💖 The poem in its intricate and vivid details is absolutely mesmerizing! I am listening to Wendy Rule's full moon concert on You Tube while reading your words... sigh.. Beautifully executed!💖

  9. I love your opening lines and yearn for the days we can wander outside in our sarongs.

  10. Beautiful and sad and a reminder (as if I would ever forget!) when you have a special relationship they are always with you regardless as they are a part of you for ever.

  11. I felt like I was sitting next to you. It's nice to be under the same moon.

  12. A fantastic blend of music, astrology and memories. I too might need to check out Wendy.

  13. Interesting perception about the moon!

  14. Great memories of a rich harvest of blessings shared with the present spirit of your beloved and the moon.Lovely poem.

  15. When
    did you not celebrate full moon with me?
    When did you not watch an eclipse
    alongside me? ....wow....that is just beautiful...

  16. Love the duality depicted in your poem; the South and North, the past and present, and the full moon singer makes this piece all so fascinating.

  17. What a wonderful thing to celebrate I want to be in your circle! I can just imagine you in your sarong in your beautiful country.

  18. I like how you connected places, people, and time and how they are all under the same moon.


  19. Separate places, distant loved ones, separated by time and place, yet the moon forms a bridge and remembrance is strong enough to amintain close contact. Lovely write!


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