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2 October 2017

Cat Games

She is bored.
It's wet outside.
Like me, she thinks
to relieve it with food,
but I don't inflict on her
the ill-health I risk for myself.

She prowls around my chair,
circles from it to the door,
rubs against me; soon
may even try a miaow.
There's one solution: 
I must be playmate.

Toys for dangling

Toy for chasing

Exercise: 55 words (excluding title)

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  1. A good idea within a few words.Nice.

  2. Heart heart heart. I love this so much! My kitty is naughty-rotten, but I love him like crazy, of course. His newest mischief is spending way too much time sprawled out on my kitchen counter with yucky litter-box paws. (Ew.)

    1. My girl is an old girl – well, middle-aged for a cat – but she still loves to play.

  3. Rosemary, thank you for linking to Monday WRites 125. Have a nice week

    much love...

  4. haha yes you must be Love cats and your words about them

  5. Aw...Isn't she clever?...Love that final line :)

  6. There's nothing better than to have a special playmate. Have fun you two.

  7. Ha - so true, boredom can be relieved with food. Good for you for not allowing your cat to develop a bad habit. It is fun to play with one's pet though, isn't it? One of my dogs is a wonderful player. Fun for both of us.

  8. Hahaha! A glorious invitation. I don't know how it is that they enjoy the same old games again and again, but they do.

    1. Yes, true; she never tires of those dangled cords. :)

  9. This was a cute poem! And the accompanying photos as well. Best regards Rosemary!

  10. Oh the endless games that cats and humans play!