I ... entered the poem of life, whose purpose is ... simply to witness the beauties of the world, to discover the many forms that love can take. (Barabara Blackman in 'Glass After Glass')

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7 October 2017

In the House of Love

In the house of love 
I am but a decoration. 
I hang on the wall, 
ignored for the most part. 

When anyone does notice, 

they smile. I am pretty. 
But I count for nothing. 

I would like to be a book, 

that people would open and read, 
exchange thoughts with. 

I would like to be a spoon, 

to be dipped into food and brought back 
full of nourishment and sweet tastes. 

But I am a mere decoration, 

useless, unnecessary, 
with nothing important to do. 

Occasionally someone dusts me off. 

No-one ever applies polish. 
No-one ever takes a photo. 

They moved the mirror opposite; 

now I am even forgetting what I look like. 
I cannot see myself. I cannot hear myself. 
Perhaps I will cease to exist.

This is a fictional character, NOT autobiographical! Written in response to a prompt in a writing group, which consisted of the first two lines of this poem. They are from a piece of writing by Kyminy Cricket.

Linked to Poets United's Poetry Pantry #376


  1. Well done, Rosemary. I am sure there are people who do feel like this. It takes some time for people to realize just how kick-ass awesome they are. LOL.

  2. makes me think of some of my magical things which don't get much attention...i can imagine a painting or whatever wondering what life would be like as a spoon :)

  3. A vision of one who feels useless and unseen and is, indeed, voiceless. I love the touch of moving the mirror! Reminds me of a Mirror poem by Sylvia Plath. I think decor is more important to spirit of place than most people think, but this doesn't help one who cannot see herself.

  4. The decor reminds me of those women used by their men as showpiece. The poem seems to be the voice of these hapless women. "They moved the mirror opposite;"..So poignant the line is.

  5. As Sherry said, I think some people do feel this way....pretty but counting for nothing. Sad that some people feel that they almost cease to exist.

  6. Very nicely done... I like the contrast of an artifact vs something used everyday and therefore valuable.

  7. This poem reminded me to look at the pictures on the wall and of course those around me. Thank you.

  8. To be taken for granted or much worse ignored could be daunting!


  9. This poem reminded me of the often poor state of trophy wives.. who sit around and look pretty all day and yearn to be taken seriously.. especially love; "I would like to be a book, that people would open and read, exchange thoughts with." Beautifully executed.

  10. A beautiful person who is ignored for the most part.. A sad story beautifully told

  11. Such a sad speaker. It would be horrid to be pretty, but have no substance. It makes me want to reach through the words and tell the speaker, "Tell me about you. And here is a mirror."

  12. There is no "perhaps" here, we will all "cease to exist." What you speak of, is probably what happens before we cesase to exist, we get old, sick and are ignored. So when we die, no one will notice. (Forgive me, for today I am a "bottom dweller" like the crab feeding on carrion.) I am trying to look death straight in the eye, making her my friend.

  13. Oh wow. What a powerful write. I feel for the wall decoration...to be forgotten, it can be a bad thing but also a good thing too. Rosemary, you've won me today with this piece. I love it!

  14. May be we also sometimes forget that a hose is made by all the emotions and everyone is part of it.

  15. well you entered the spirit of the first lines so well Rosemary - I especially like your spoon wish

  16. I think the word for such a pretty thing can be seen as a painting which I saw first, but I also started to think about Nora in "A dollhouse"... an explosion just waiting to happen.

  17. I wan to say to the wall decoration, you are beautiful art, stayand be the best decoration on the wall ever

    Have a great Sunday Rosemary, thanks for a very thought provoking poem

    much love...

  18. The opposite of love is not hate, but indifference. There's nothing worse than to be ignored. I like how your poem illustrates this.

  19. Sadly, I can imagine there are some who see themselves in this poem. For me, well I think you put what you wanted to say across very well. Such a shameful thing for one to feel that they're just an adornment.

  20. This reminds me of a book I read recently--how we can make ourselves feel invisible until we disappear. Thoughty poem for me today!

  21. What a beautiful poem you have woven from those 2 lines.....and there is sadness in the lines of your poem....to feel as if you don't exist.

    I too:
    '...would like to be a book,
    that people would open and read,
    exchange thoughts with.'

    I agree very thought provoking Rosemary!

  22. Wow! What a brilliantly penned extended metaphor. Poignant ... layered ... and designed ... to give one pause. Awesome!!!

  23. The ballad of the unseen, unsung hero. The speaker sounds almost resigned to their fate. Haunting, riveting words here.


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