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19 August 2017

Brain Dysfunctions

Going off alone into other worlds
among dreams and shadows, she seeks
light-bearing clouds, warmth, and the feeling
of feet touching earth squarely, firmly.

Reality is itself too ephemeral
for her, with her several illnesses, her lack
of power and autonomy. But she persists
and gradually makes a way, here and there.

No-one on earth can help, she decides. 
Elsewhere encounters the dark ones who promise
to lend their strength to her will. She permits.

Now she can make things happen, despite
limitations she was born with. Fails to see
she is in their power: not using, being used.

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  1. Quite chilling & sad, revealing the face of senile, infirm old age.

    1. Well actually the subject was a young woman. But it could equally apply at any age and in whatever kind of brain dysfunction.

  2. Oh this was so very sad. I think that point of giving in was something I have seen...

  3. Loved the opening lines...it is a sad situation to be so...

  4. So sad. There are always vampires hovering around the vulnerable. I like the juxtaposition in the first and second stanzas of her seeking clouds with reality being too ephemeral. I think this illustrates perfectly her disconnectedness.

  5. Chilling, I too thought of old age probably because a relative is having a hard time with losing some independence. But, the situation you talk about is just so scary and tragic.

  6. How observing you are..being in her shoes almost. Beautifully written, Rosemary.

  7. I got the feeling a courageous person was born.

  8. Villains don't always come twirling their moustaches. Evil men who come clothed in good deeds are well-camouflaged. I heard that in an episode of Star Trek once, I think.

    That's what this poem reminds me of. She thinks she has been empowered when she has been enslaved. What a sad turn. Well crafted.


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