I ... entered the poem of life, whose purpose is ... simply to witness the beauties of the world, to discover the many forms that love can take. (Barabara Blackman in 'Glass After Glass')

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2 September 2016

The Mirror Held

James had come for a brief visit.
I was telling him all about my new cat.
I see, he said. To you she’s not just a pet
but another being, a fellow spirit.
Most pet owners, no matter how sweet
or loving they might be, how well they treat
their animals, to them they are still just that –
animals, pets. But you can see her inner light.
It’s with that level of respect that you relate.

He mentioned, too, the way I understand
the elementals, the spirits of the land.
He was matter-of-course, so my inner mind
was able to relax and bloom, and slowly expand
like a sunbather sprawling on warm sand
on a sunny beach, golden and bland.
It’s a good thing to be so known, to unbend
in the kind regard of an old friend.
Some conversations go on long after they end.

A rhyming poem ... or half-rhyming ... or mono-rhyming x2 ... for dVerse Meeting the Bar: Reason for Rhyme.  (And there are some internal half-rhymes dotted about, too.)


  1. nice thoughts Rosemary...to see in inner light in another and let one's inner mind bloom..."Some conversations go on long after they end."...

  2. ooops, 'the' inner light not 'in' inner light...

  3. Some conversations go on
    long after they end

    Very true when one is enthralled by all the intellectual discourse! Wonderful lines Rosemary!


  4. This is such an evocative write ❤💜 I too adore the idea of 'Some conversations go on long after they end.' ❤💜

    Lots of love,

  5. How wonderful to capture this aspect of friendship so rarely celebrated and so dearly needed and relied upon. Keep blooming.

  6. I love how you describe on two level through your conversation; both your friendship and the almost spiritual connection to your pet... love how the enjambment in combination with the end rhymes creates a free-verse sense...

  7. "But you can see her inner light.
    It’s with that level of respect that you relate."

    "It’s a good thing to be so known, to unbend
    in the kind regard of an old friend.
    Some conversations go on long after they end."

    Man, these are awesome. I love the idea of "unbending" in the presence of someone who really loves you.

  8. Some friends can see right into our souls. And that makes them so precious. Because like your poem says, "It’s a good thing to be so known..."

  9. your use of mono rhymes keep the momentum of this charming conversation with an insightful friend - love that last line especially

  10. Yes, it is lovely to be seen and understood, by a member of our tribe. I love that expansive blooming you describe. And especially the acknowledging of our critters as fellow beings as, indeed, they are.

  11. Sherry's comment is a poem in itself; one of my foibles too. This poem is so lovely, deep, & spiritual. It is no surprise that you can tap into the Zen & metaphysical aspects of our little lives. I have sometimes wondered if we can reincarnate as animal, or tree, or whale--if we choose, for the beyond the veil choices are/might be infinite.

  12. What a lovely conversation with the spirit of your tribe Rosemary. I specially like the echo of that conversation in the last line.

  13. You set the mood so beautifully. I was there. Appreciate you sharing.

  14. Caught this on Facebook, so glad that I did. To be known is like finding another home, another place where we exist, even when not there.
    Wonderful writing,


  15. Some conversations go on long after they end. -- This really says so much.

  16. Oh yes, some conversations continue long after they have ended.

  17. I love the interaction of blossoming referenced and unbending like someone coming into their own, relaxed and your ending was marvellous.

  18. I love the smattering of rhyme in and throughout this poem, Rosemary. Your heart is so beautifully presented!