I ... entered the poem of life, whose purpose is ... simply to witness the beauties of the world,
to discover the many forms that love can take. (Barabara Blackman in 'Glass After Glass')

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9 September 2016

Let Me Tell You

For Helen Patrice, who said:

You are floating in the sky among the stars.
You are naked and beautiful.
Your hair lies along the sky 
as if the sky were a pool of water.
Your pale upturned face
looks perfectly relaxed, 
as your arms do too, 
stretched out lazily each side.

You are swimming in a sea of stars.
You are never going to drown.
Your upturned face, with its tiny nose
and perfect chin, appears ecstatic.
Your legs are playfully dangling, 
moving just a little at the ankles –
all that is needed to keep you afloat.

Someone drew you long ago, in white,
on a rock wall at Oberoi, and over you
the round white moon. I was in tears
at how beautiful you were – floating
above the x-rays, the practical, the food.
If you have no idea what you’re doing,
that is because you are being. You are 
being a Goddess. You are being a star.

Oberoi Rock in Kakadu National Park, Australia, is a site of ancient rock art, much of which was done in what is known as x-ray style.

The image above was on facebook, available for sharing. I haven't been able to find any provenance for it and there was no copyright statement. If anyone knows otherwise, please contact me.

I'm linking this poem to Poets United's Poetry Pantry #319


  1. That is bliss indeed, floating among the stars. "You are being a star" is so beautiful.

  2. "...swimming in a sea of stars.
    You are never going to drown."

    What beautiful imagery.

  3. "If you have no idea what you’re doing,
    that is because you are being."....i also believe this...o my what a poem!! so beautiful...

  4. Being goddess....being a star! Really enjoyed the celestial theme.

  5. Beautiful and inspirational (and smooth too). Appreciate this.

  6. Such a visual poem.. can feel that image float among the stars.

  7. Most enjoyable piece of poetry.

  8. Gosh Rosemary, this poem has such an ethereal and dream like quality ❤

  9. Absolutely fascinating ... didn't know about the oberoi rock before this.. well written

  10. I like this approach - a kind of one-sided conversation with the image, but a sense of communion nonetheless.

  11. This glows and shines - we are human beings - not human doings.. a state to rise and shine to

  12. " You are swimming in a sea of stars.
    You are never going to drown."

    Wow this must be heavens backyard, Nice poem Rosemary. Happy Sunday

    much love...

  13. There really is so much to see at Kakadu and it would be a good time to go now. Skip the crocodiles skip the crocodiles though just one grin from them is enough.

    1. Yes, they do not make cuddly pets, that's for sure! (*Shudders*.)

  14. Those ancient carvings has stories to tell us.. I really like the point of view of trying to understand the image as a divine being.

  15. this is lovely, and i like to "swim in a sea of stars" too. :)
    the ancients, they must have known something that we don't.

  16. Ah, the ancient drawings seem to draw us into deep thought. It could be a dream vision, but I would like to float among the stars.

  17. The use of "you" in this poem works very well, drawing the reader in.

  18. This could also be a metaphor to people who inspire us along the way.

    I enjoyed this one, Rosemary. The descriptions are vivid and kind of hypnotic :)

    1. I'm glad you saw that; it's exactly how I meant it. Note the dedication. 🙂

  19. lovely and ethereal – your words mesmerizing

  20. I would love to see Kakadu and its fabulous rock carvings.Beautiful poem.