I ... entered the poem of life, whose purpose is ... simply to witness the beauties of the world, to discover the many forms that love can take. (Barabara Blackman in 'Glass After Glass')

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14 September 2016

Neil at Twin Waters

The small stone he found on the path
is almost square, but spiky. 
At first it looks grey –
but when he licks his finger 
and strokes the surface
it lights up with bright orange stripes 
and patches of mustardy gold.
He brings it to my patio, and sits down.
'Let's write poems together.
Let us write small stones
about this small stone.'

His red T-shirt matches
the maple leaf on his cap.
He is learning Australian birds –
northern Australian birds –
Bush Turkey, Ibis, Coocal, 
Lorikeets and Swallows (can they be 
Swallows? Yes, they swoop)
how to tell Magpies from Butcher Birds ...
or Wallabies from Kangaroos.
He is discovering the habits of lizards:
young Eastern Water Dragons.

He picks up the stone
which he has placed on the table,
bending over it intently
to examine its intricacies
and casual secrets. Here is
a half-moon indentation, here
is the shape of a face.
The small stone becomes
important as a mountain, 
craggy and wild. He thinks
of taking it home. (He will ask it.)

I've been reunioning with Canadian poet Neil Meili and his partner Dorsey Cartwright, whom I met in Austin, Texas 10 years ago. She is Texan, and they spend time in both places – and lately, to my joy, are on a brief visit to Australia.

Linking this to Poets United's Midweek Motif: Appreciation


  1. I love this, as I am enamored of rocks, especially when water reveals their colours. I especially love that he will ask the rock if it wishes to become an exile....nice respect.

  2. Wonder-filled web of wonder. A stone becomes a mountain

  3. Nature is all around us & we only need insight to see and appreciate...love the lines about stone, birds, writing small stones...beautiful...

  4. I love how you have captured the spirit of someone and someplace in your treasurely way - the magic is not just in the stone but in the knowing...and the always smiling titles

  5. This is brilliant, Rosemary. Truly.

  6. How nice to meet up again. It can be the beginnings of a rewarding collaboration. A meeting of creative minds will certainly bring it to a higher level.


  7. An intricate write on appreciation; where friends, nature and inspiration weave the fabric of your poem, Thanks for sharing. I am happy you dropped in to read mine.

    much love...

  8. Meeting with old friends is definitely something to appreciate; and, as for the stone, I am sure it will say YES!

  9. It is not hard to to see beauty everwhere (easier in rocks!) and easy too to fall in love with Australia's uniqueness. People must wonder why there are rocks on the top of my Fridgethat I really should goodbye to!

    1. I have quite a lot myself, gathered over the years! :)

  10. The whole universe in a small stone! That's what a I love about poetry... :-)