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30 August 2016

My Frangipani Has No Leaves

The sun glints 
on bare branches 
stretching up,
not dead – full of light:
skeletal but deeply waiting
for buds to begin, new life.

I've seen this. I know 
it happens 
suddenly – 
huge dark green
leaves as big as fans,
and star-shaped, creamy flowers.

Written at the end of Winter, here in the Southern Hemisphere, for dVerse Quadrille #15: Leaves, a prompt inspired by the approach of Autumn, or 'Fall', in the Northern Hemisphere – which does equally well for the approach of Spring here.

This is also doing duty for day 30 of #awakeaugust, a month of 'small stones' (mindful writings focusing on the external world). The others are at my 'Stones for the River' blog.


  1. You had me at the title, Rosemary. Wonderful.

  2. That is some title :) Yes we will be ushering in Autumn leaves and you the spring buds and leaves of spring. Leaves as big as fans, a lovely image to behold.

  3. Wonderful poem Rosemary. I certainly never thought of frangipani as being deciduous!

    1. Very much so, I'm afraid – but it is wonderful how quickly it gets covered again, and how long the foliage and flowers last in this warm climate

  4. Great poem. Love the imagery.

  5. Nice. Sudden. I'm a big fan.

  6. Oh I can understand this as well, the leaves unleaving in your spring... Frangipani sounds so lovely and exotic

  7. Gosh the images here are to die for! ❤

  8. I should fine a frangipani for my garden - what poetry can do!

  9. I agree, Rosemary, that's a wonderful title. I've never seen a frangipani. I love the way your poem illustrates the before and after, the blossoming of the tree.

  10. It is beautiful specimen in all seasons and with autumn you have that to look forward to. Very nice.

    1. Right now, I am very much looking forward to Spring, which is just around the corner, not only for the flowers but also the warmth!

  11. Wonder what caused it to act that way. One would have thought Winter is more appropriate to be bare!


    1. Well yes we are just coming to the end of Winter, here in Australia. The buds and new life will begin in the Spring which fast approaches.

  12. To wait for leaves..
    Bliss when first twig breeds
    a Bud to open Beauty..
    ah.. but to
    the Twig
    as home
    of liFe dArk..
    Green to come..
    is to never be alone..
    as DArk of TwiG beComes
    FriEnd of liGht and liFE sAMeallone..
    and sure this could be a Budweiser
    commercial too.. but wHo cares as
    of NatUre
    Twig and Leave...
    liGht and dARk..
    SHades of Grey
    Full and New moon SAMe..
    Hues of color.. never land forever more
    oF TWiGliGht
    NoW.. sAMe..:)

  13. And you're heading into spring, aren't you!

    1. That's right! Some readers were confused, so I have now made this clearer in the note under the poem.

  14. I like the journey from nothing to something here. Just goes to show - don't judge a poem by its title. :-) :-)


  15. A wind of words captured a picture. Thank you for this treat

  16. Frangipani is a wonderful word...and there's real beauty in the "deeply waiting"!

  17. Love your hopeful piece. Your poem doesn't mourn that it's winter, but anticipates the spring.

  18. I had to look up "frangipani images" -- beautiful.
    Wonderful metaphor.
    Enjoy spring :)

  19. Had to google...what a beautiful tree this is in bloom, but I can also see the beauty in it's bare bones and how it longs for Spring. You've captured that well.

  20. Fab poem. Great for us in the northern hemisphere to be reminded that spring will come back eventually.